Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Movie Meme - Cruising

In the spirit of the Bumbles' vacation this week, our Monday Movie Meme is all about the road trip. We've all been on them, and we can all attest that there is plenty of material on these adventures to make a movie, or two, or three. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Little Miss Sunshine - I would imagine this one would quickly come to mind for many people - it did for me. Laugh-out-loud funny, quirky, slightly raunchy, and the epitome of the dysfunctional road trip. Who knew such wackiness could be Oscar-nominated?

The Motorcycle Diaries - based on the diaries of the young Che Guevara, and starring the ever-mesmerizing Gael Garcia Bernal, I had to watch this one a couple of times in a row. This one I would highly recommend!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - I can remember having a stomach ache from laughing so hard at the antics of the late John Candy and Steve Martin. They are in their peak form here.

The Straight Story - an old man, incapable of driving a car, hitches up his mower to a trailer, and drives hundreds of miles to make peace with his estranged brother. He bestows his wisdom and charm upon people he meets along the way. Only in the midwest. This one will touch your heart.

Vacation - our family is addicted to the Griswold's adventures. Sometimes we even compare ourselves to them (although, to my knowledge, my husband has never swam naked with Christy Brinkley, and we've never tied Grandma to the top of the car.)

Sideways - this one comes up on Mondays almost as much as Jaws. A road trip in wine country? Count me in!

Into the Wild - based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, a promising young man abandons his possessions and society and takes off across the country to live in Alaska in search of life's meaning. While I was hypnotized by the movie, I was also left disturbed.

So which ones are your favorites? Are you a Smokey and the Bandit fan? Thelma and Louise? I'd love to hear which ones make you want to take to the road!


Susan said...

Hoo-boy! More movies to add to my must-watch list! I still haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, The Motorcycles Diaries or The Straight Story.

I love John Candy. He makes any movie he was in shine. And he and Steve Martin are perfect together in this one.

Our favorite has to be Vacation. My hubby thinks Beverly d'Angelo is the hot one!

I took a 10-day road trip with my friend who lives in California. It was kind of like Sideways, but girls only, and down the coast from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo. It was fantastic. We're talking about doing the Napa Valley one someday with our husbands.

I agree with you on Into the Wild. Fascinating, but very disturbing.

Beth F said...

Did you read Into the Wild? I read the book when it was first published and McCandless comes across a bit differently (I don't want to say too much in case you haven't read the book).

Kaye said...

Any movie with the late ever-so-great John Candy in it has my vote. I think I have seen Uncle Buck about 50 times. "Holy smokes, he's cooking our garbage" can still crack me up.

Unknown said...

Into The Wild is one of my favorite movies, and Vacation was a good pick!

Lauren said...

I loved "Little Miss Sunshine!"

caite said...

I LOVE a road trip...and I loved Little Miss Sunshine! You just have to love that family...

I wanted to read Into The Wild before I went to Alaska this summer, but didn't. I did talk to a guy though that was involved with the filming up there, so I will have to read it at some point. Disturbing can be good!

ds said...

Little Miss Sunshine--oh, yes! Planes, Trains & Automobiles (I do so love Steve Martin & wish John Candy were still around)--yes. Sideways--a big yes; it is Mr. Long-Suffering's dream vacation.
Will add Motorcycle Diaries to the list....Yeah, I would add Thelma and Louise, but also Throw Momma from the Train (Danny DeVito), and Around the World in 80 Days (David Niven/Shirley MacLaine et al). Pure hokum, but fun.
You always choose the most interesting selection of movies. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Here I thought my spouse and I were the only people who saw The Straight Story. Such a wonderful movie.

I know I'm not supposed to admit this but Pee Wee's Big Adventure is my favorite road movie.

Literary Feline said...

I'm glad you listed Into the Wild. I almost went with that one but decided I'd listed enough. :-) My husband really enjoyed Sideways, but I didn't care for it at all. I really wanted to like it though.

Amy Reads Good Books said...

I loved, loved, loved Sideways. I'll have to put The Motorcycle Diaries in my queue.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Susan - my husband and I left our hearts in Napa a long time ago. How cool to do a girlfriend trip like that! BTW, I am doing a girlfriend cruise in October with some HS friends I have been reunited with through FB!!

Beth - No I didn't read it, but I don't care all that much about spoilers. I DO want to read that book, and I honestly hate to see the movie first!

Kaye - We've seen Uncle Buck so many times. It is such a wonderful '80's movie!

Lindsey - well, it isn't your typical road trip movie, but I couldn't resist.

Lauren - I know. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard (probably when I was watching Planes, Trains)

Caite - yeah, I like disturbing. Anything that evokes strong emotion is a good thing with movies, in my opinion. Another disturbing Alaskan movie (like nightmare disturbing) was Grizzly Man.

ds - thank you! I love Monday Movie Meme. It dredges up things I haven't thought about in a long time! It is so much fun to play!

James - I knew you would have seen that movie. It is not mainstream, but just precious. I thought about putting Pee Wee on their, but my mind got all fuzzy when I thought about it. Must have been those college years...

Wendy - I think that movie is a love/hate thing. I love Giamatti. He is such an unexpected star.

Amy - you must. It was thrilling.

Jeane said...

I loved the scenery and music of Into the Wild- but yeah, the story was disturbing. The book is even more so...

Kathie Smith said...

Death Race 2000 (1975) directed by Paul Bartel
Two Lane Blacktop (1971) directed by Monte Hellman
Duel (1971) directed by Steven Speilberg (His first film!)
Kings of the Road (1976) directed by Wim Wenders

Sandy Nawrot said...

Jeane - even though it goes against my rules, I do need to read that book!

Kath - I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I have not only not seen any of these, but I haven't even heard of them! Except for Death Race, but not this one, the yucky new one.