Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday: Bunker Hill

Another stop on our Boston field trip was the Bunker Hill Memorial.  (As you might be able to tell, this picture was shot through the window of the bus.  I was not interested in getting out in the cold and rain.)

I grant you, this is not a photo that's going to win any contests.  But I remember a story that our guide told us, and at the risk of getting some of it wrong (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) I had to share.

Well, you notice that it looks a heck of a lot like the Washington Monument, right?  Actually this monument was built first.  There was a contest for the design, and it came down to two guys (one designed this obelisk and the other designed something more ornate).  The obelisk won, obviously.  So then the loser of the contest, probably highly annoyed, when over to Washington D.C. and submitted an obelisk design for the Washington Monument and won that one.  But that one was bigger.  Ha!  

I thought it was a funny story.  I imagined lots of drama.  It doesn't take much to entertain me.


Literary Feline said...

What a funny story! I love trivia like that. :-)

Someday I would like to travel to Boston. And Washington D.C. There is so much of history I'd like to experience.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

That story is hilarious! How pissed would you be if you were the guy who designed this one! I love that you're posting on your Boston trip. I just read about Bunker Hill in 1776 so it's fresh in my mind.

Zibilee said...

What a great story! I imagine that there was a lot of drama involved, like you mentioned, and at least the loser of this contest got to see his building built!

caite said...

Good story...if a rather lazy pic! Lol

Serena said...

You should head inside of it one day and climb all the steps (no elevator in this one). The staircase gets very narrow as you go's crazy, but the view is great.

Megan said...

That's a funny a story. I had no idea!