Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Movie Meme - Wedding Bells

This week's Monday Movie Meme from the Bumbles is all about weddings. It seems our happy, social Bumbles attended a wedding of two good friends over the weekend, leaving them a little sleepy this morning, and also in the mood to talk about love. Weddings are rich with tradition, laughs, family harmony and dysfunction, and sometimes a fertile ground for new relationships. What better notion for a movie? The Bumbles mentioned My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which is one of the best. Here are some other fun ones that immediately come to mind:

The Wedding Crashers - I loved this raunchy, laugh-out-loud movie, brightened by the ever-sparkling Rachel McAdams.

Four Weddings and a Funeral - this one put Hugh Grant on the map in all his British wit and charm, before the Divine Brown incident brought him down a notch or two.

The Wedding Singer - the over-the-top '80's behaviour and music makes me just a tad bit embarrassed for myself back in the day when I thought it was cool. My husband and I always laugh at the moment where Adam Sandler screams "everybody on the dance floor!". It doesn't get hokier than that!

My Best Friend's Wedding - the chemistry really clicked for me in this sweet, romantic comedy. Love Rupert Everett!

The Graduate - who could forget that infamous final scene? Stop that wedding! I object!

Muriel's Wedding - more of a cult flick than an even moderate hit, I would watch it simply for the ABBA soundtrack.

Father of the Bride - I've never seen the original (shame on me) but this one was cute. Steve Martin has had better days (The Jerk, Parenthood, Planes Tranes and Automobiles) but we love Keaton in nearly everything she does.

Polish Wedding - Gabriel Byrne plays a Polish immigrant trying to make ends meet in Detroit, and trying to marry off his spirited daughter. Not a real accurate portrayal of the Polish people or their culture, but I couldn't resist listing it.

Which are your favorites? Have I missed any obvious ones?


Beth F said...

You should see the original Four Weddings (I think it was French film, but it's been almost 30 years since I've seen it) -- it was really good.

I liked Murial's Wedding!

Terry Kate said...

All great choices! The Graduate - nice. Thanks for sharing and you have an awesome blog!
Terry Kate
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Brittany said...

So glad you included Father of the Bride. The hot dog scene is one of my all-time favorites!

Meet the Parents is also a hilarious wedding movie.

To throw some Bollywood into the mix, I'd suggest Monsoon Wedding and Bride & Prejudice.

And for an old-school musical, how about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

Lauren said...

The Wedding Singer is by FAR my favorite wedding movie of all time!

Amy said...

Perfect round-up! I love every single one of those movies.

Frances said...

Four Weddings and a Funeral is a favorite of mine. Also enjoyed When Harry Meets Sally and Rachel's Wedding and I Was a Male War Bride (have a Cary Grant thing anyway). Fun list as always!

Unknown said...

Our all time favorite is a bit cynical, but it's the wedding scene in The Serial. The movie spoofed life in Marin County during the 1970's. The wedding features vows written by the bride and groom, always a mistake, which are as follows:


I also like the wedding sequence that starts The Godfather and the one in the middle of Sound of Music. That was a wedding dress!!!

lissa said...

I like the Wedding Singer, what a fun and romantic movie

I also recommend The Wedding Date starring Debra Messing, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire where he dance on the ceiling - an amazing number

Heidenkind said...

I loved the wedding scenes from 16 Candles, especially when the bride takes too many muscle relaxers and can't walk. Hi-larious.

Susan said...

Ahhh, the wedding scene from the 'Sound of Music' is so wonderful and Maria's train seemed to stretch the entire length of the church.

Unknown said...

Polish Wedding is a lovely independent film. I think a fresh viewing of it is in order!

kayerj said...

I liked a few of the same, but you had some I've never seen. my Monday movie

Melody said...

I have only seen one on your list - My Best Friend's Wedding. Need to check out the rest!

The Bumbles said...

Oh wow - Brittany named one of our all time favorites - Meet The Parents. Then there's 16 Candles - my biggest fear was being drugged up on Midol stumbling down the aisle like Molly Ringwald's character's big sister. And another comedy was In & Out with Kevin Kline - gay, straight or otherwise. My favorite of your list is The Graduate. Gotta support the classics.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I forgot about the wedding scene in The Sound of Music. It brings tears to the eyes! I DID, however, think of the wedding in The Godfather II. I had run out of steam at that point, but that movie is one of my favorites of all time!

Matt said...

I love My Best Friend's's just adorable. Murial's Wedding is a must-see.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Byrne is an absolute dish in this movie - Polish wedding. I skip to his scenes lol