Thursday, August 27, 2009


I wanted to post a correction to something I'd published yesterday about the R.I.P. Reading Challenge. I got excited, you see, and got a little careless. You understand, I hope?

I understood this challenge to run for a full year, like most challenges do, starting now and running through October of next year. Uh uh! In fact, it runs September 1 through October 31st of this year. Two months! I would still be sitting here believing myself to have plenty of time to read my four books if it hadn't been for J. Kaye. Thanks for setting me back on the right path!

I apologize if I mislead anyone!

Now I'd better get busy reading...

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Anonymous said...

When I found out it was 2009, I'd planned to decline and then I changed my mind. I won't finish it in time, but I am still participating. I have it set you where I'll be ready next year too.