Saturday, August 29, 2009

The ABC's of Sandy

A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged by Carrie @ Books and Movies to participate in this fun meme. It seemed like a great post for a Saturday! Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Share your ABCs
3. Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs
4. Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
5. Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag

Available or single? Married – for 17 years as of about a week ago.

Best Friend? Michele. She is my voice of reason, my beacon of light for getting me through my toughest kid issues, and general listening ear.

Cake or Pie? If my grandmother were still alive, I'd say her pies. Now? Neither, I'd rather spend my calories on risotto and wine.

Drink of choice? Non-alcoholic: Unsweetened iced tea. Alcoholic: Wine, preferably Pinot Noir.

Essential item for every day use? My iPod. Don't mess with it or I will have a seizure.

Favorite color? Pink

Google? Google Search all the way baby!

Hometown? Born and raised on the farm, but our address was Attica, Indiana.

Indulgences? Books, pedicures and the occasional massage.

January or February? Both! Great Florida weather! The only months I don't sweat to death.

Kids and their names? Emma, age 11; Ryan, age 9.

Life is incomplete without…? Family, wine and reading.

Marriage date? August 21, 1992.

Number of siblings? One sister (the coolest movie blogger ever).

Oranges or apples? Oranges! I live in Florida! Anything else would be sacrilege.

Phobias and fears? Heights, bridges and bugs. Specifically cock roaches that fly and are the size of a small animal.

Quote for the day? "The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page." Anonymous

Reason to smile? A healthy and happy family. And Viggo Mortensen.

Season? Autumn. Love the smell of the leaves.

Tag 3 people? I'll pick bloggers who are new to me:

Andreea @ Passionate Booklover

Carolyn @ Book Chick City
Jeane @ Dog Ear Diary

And anyone else who would like to answer!

Unknown fact about me? My life is pretty much an open book. I have a passion for cooking? I stink at golf but love it?

Vegetable you hate? All vegetables are hated except lettuce.

Worst habit? I talk too much sometimes, and don't think before I open my mouth.

X-rays you’ve had? Ankle.

Your fave food? Risotto.

Zodiac sign? My birthday is on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer, and I have a little of both in me. I choose whatever horoscope serves my purpose.


Mon said...

LOL at 'Viggo Mortensen'. :)

Unknown said...

Is your fear of bridges linked to your fear of height? I have never heard of anyone scared of bridges before - perhaps all the ones we have in the UK are too small.

I am afraid of heights too. Makes me go all dizzy and shaky.

Interesting meme!

Susan said...

Sandy, you and I (and apparently at least one other blogger I know) share a fear of bridges! Especially those really high hooved-up ones that go over water bearing ocean liners, cargo ships, etc. It gives me the willies just to think about them.

When we lived in Baton Rouge, I refused to drive across the Mississippi bridge until the last months we were there and I finally forced myself to do it...conquering my fears and all that nonsense!

The worst one I ever saw, though, was the one in Beaumont, Texas. I nearly went into a seizure when I saw that one!!! It was baaaaaad! Thank God one of the other women on the trip had the sense to take the wheel before we even caught sight of it or I would have had a nervous breakdown!

I think I will do this's really fun! Loved your answers!

Literate Housewife said...

Viggo Mortensen - Ha!

This was a fun meme, Sandy!

BTW, I'll be in Orlando the first part of November for a conference at the Disney Grand Floridean. Maybe we can meet for a drink or something - and I'll know exactly what to order for you now. :)

Sandy Nawrot said...

Mon - he seems to come up now and again on my blog...

Jackie - no, low bridges freak me out too. I'm not sure I get it either. I mean, I can swim, so it isn't that. I'm just weird!

Susan - I can drive over them, but I make everybody else in the car shut up. If my husband is driving, I scream at him if he tries to look at the scenery or talk to me. There is a bad one near Tampa that makes me physically ill.

Jennifer - oh wow! That is great! The Grand Floridian is an absolutely beautiful property, with very good drinking places. When it gets closer, let me know dates and stuff and we'll absolutely make sure we get together!

Molly said...

What a great meme! I may tag myself to play along :)

Beth F said...

I loved this -- and I knew you could work in Viggo (but where is the photo??). Too bad we don't live near each other, we could eat risotto, drink wine, and read together day in and day out.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Molly - yes please do! I had alot of fun with it!

Beth - haha! I would be all for that, except we might end up weighing 400 pounds! But then we could walk with our audiobooks to work it off, right?

bermudaonion said...

I'm with you on the fear of heights and palmetto bugs (that's what we call those big ol' roaches that you can't squash.)

Staci said...

You had me at Viggo!! I've heard of those legendary bugs in Florida!!

Andreea said...

Great meme! It seems like a lot of fun! It's nice to find out all these things about you:)

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Fun answers. I'd join you anytime for risotto and pinot noir! Actually we just had a terrific pinot at someone's house that I didn't get the name of but the place was Sonoma County's Green Valley, which is supposed to be the new hot area for pinots. I have to call them and get the name!

ds said...

Totally with you on Viggo! Only trumped by happy, healthy family.
And my grandma made the best pies, too....This was a fun read.

The Bumbles said...

I am scared of driving over bridges. I can walk over them, sail underneath them - no problem. But I have this curious idea that some day I will be driving across one and it will collapse and I will drown because I am stuck in my car. I have a similar fear of stepping on those grates in sidewalks that are usually vents - I just know one of these days it will rust and collapse as I step on it. So I cause issues by walking around them disturbing crowds of people on busy city streets.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Kathy - yes, those are the ones! Anyone that lives in the south knows they are big enough to rope and ride.

Staci - how can you not smile when you see that face? Even when his hair is all greasy and stuff in LOTR, I can't help it.

Andreea - thank you! And don't forget, you get to do it too!

Rhapsody - definitely find out what you were drinking and let me know!

ds - Grandma's pumpkin pies were the best. I can't even come close!

Bumbles - you totally nailed it. I have a fear of falling in and drowning in my car. There was a tall bridge in Tampa about 20 -25 years ago that was hit by a large boat in the fog. Cars couldn't see that the bridge had been compromised, and went sailing off into the ocean. I think this jump-started my fear. I also hate those grates. I saw a girl fall into one in college :(

Matt said...

Are you my long-lost sister other than Claire? Other the married status, birth place, and kids, we pretty much share the same answers! Especially the iPod, and pink. Pink is not my #1 fave color but I do own a lot of pink shirts! :)

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I'm back with the info! The wine was:

Orogeny Pinot Noir Sonoma County Green Valley

suggested retail is $30 - boo - but ironically, on the website I found it, they suggest pairing it with risotto! Spefically, a recipe for Israeli Couscous Risotto with Squash, Radicchio, and Parsley Butter, found at this website:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love memes like this. I get to know the blogger better.

Amy said...

How nice to get to know you better! but I like veggies! :)

Carrie K. said...

Thanks for playing along! Wine, a best friend named Michele (mine has two l's), books, and hatred of vegetables - I knew we were soul sisters!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Matt - Don't you love these memes that gives you a glimpse of the person behind the blog? I think I've always known we had alot in common, though. At least now I'll know that if we ever hook up for drinks, we just won't do it in a highrise!

Jill - that is awesome. I have promptly sent an e-mail off to my wine buddy Craig to see if he can get his hands on it!

J. Kaye - exactly! I think we all know each other's book preferences, but this is a different peek into our personalities.

Amy - boo veggies!

Carrie - yes, you are another one that I can pretty much count on similar answers!

Lisa said...

This is a neat idea. I just found your blog and what a great way for me to "meet" you!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Lit and Life - well, thanks for stopping by! I love to see new faces! I do love to see memes like this, which allow us to all get to know each other (and our little eccentricities!). Hope to see you around!

Melody said...

I'm afraid of heights too! Yikes!

Fun meme! It's nice to learn a lot more things about you! ;)

Iliana said...

This is such a fun meme. Loved your answers and had to chuckle at a few of them - viggo! :)

Serena said...

These are some great ABCs!

Melissa said...

You had to get Viggo in there somewhere! Love the one about the horoscope too. I am Gemini all the way.

Jeane said...

I totally missed you tagged me for this until today! I'm going to play along, one of these days soon when I don't have a book to write up.