Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have no self-control

I think I saw this reading challenge first on Melody's blog and I very proudly straightened my stance and firmly said "That challenge is right up my alley, but no, I must not join. I am behind on my reading!". Over the last few days, however, I keep seeing post after post of those who have joined. I realized that I have all the books I need on my iPod on on my TBR stack to qualify for the challenge. Aren't I good at justifying things to myself?

So what is the challenge? It is called the RIP Challenge hosted by the eloquent Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings. In this case, RIP stands for Readers Imbibing Peril, and includes anything that would fall under the category of spooky, gothic, horror, know, all those things that I love to read! There are levels of commitment for the challenge, but I've decided to step in cautiously, at the Peril the First (four books). The challenge runs from September 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010. I can do this.

Here are some of the books I have on hand to choose to read for the challenge:

Let the Right One In - John Lindqvist
The Seance - John Harwood
The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Luis Zafon
The Angel's Game - Carlos Luis Zafon
The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Katherine Howe
My Cousin Rachel - Daphne Du Maurier
The Widow's Season - Laura Brodie

Any thoughts on which I should read first?


Beth F said...

Wow! I probably have enough books around here too --but I cannot, cannot join another (right now).

Read Shadow of the Wind -- one of my top reads for the year I read it (I'm to lazy to look up exact year)

Melody said...

Yay! You joined!!! :)
You've a great list there! I look forward to reading your reviews on them!

DesLily said...

I have two of your books in my pool too ! if I get to them is a different story! If I don't I hope you do so I get to read a review!

gautami tripathy said...

I joined too!

And I don't join many challenges. I think you ought to read The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane first. I read it as The Last Book of Salem and really loved it.

Here is my list:

RIP IV read list

Ana S. said...

lol. Self-control is overrated anyway ;) Everyone's reading Let The Right One In, and I so want it! *shakes fist at book buying ban*

On the bright side, I do have The Shadow of the Wind and The Woman in White :D Happy reading, Sandy!

Unknown said...

I've just signed up too!

I think you should read the Seance first as I loved it.

I found the Physick book to have quite a few flaws, but it is very fast paced, so you will probably enjoy it.

Happy reading!

Marg said...

Another vote for Shadow of the Wind from me, although maybe you should read The Angel's Game first.

Resistance is futile! Enjoy your challenge reads.

Lauren said...

I'm too much of a baby to read horror books! It's sad, isn't it? However, from the ones you listed, here are the ones I managed to read:

Let the Right One In - Haven't read, but heard it was good. (The Swedish movie based on it, according to the boy, was WEIRD. America is apparently doing THEIR adaptation this year)

The Shadow of the Wind - Love, love, LOVE this book. One of my top 5 of all time.

The Angel's Game - This one was okay. A bit of a letdown, compared to TSofW, however still brilliantly written.

The Woman in White - Read it in college - it was...okay. Kind of boring. Did you know they once did a play on broadway based on it?

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Want to read it! Looks so good!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said... glad this challenge is here once again. I also plan to read the Howe book.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh, you have some great books on your list. I am so glad you decided to just go ahead and join in. Yay! I really want to read Shadow of the Wind soon. And Woman in White. I know so many bloggers who have really been taken by Wilkie Collins' work, especially this one.

Heather said...

What a great list of books! You are in for a couple months of great reading. Especially The Woman in White. And The Shadow of the Wind. And The Angel's Game. You could start with any of those first and would be off to a great start!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Beth - yeah, well, that was my song for awhile, then I caved. I've got Shadow of the Wind loaded on my iPod, ready for the YEAR I finish Outlander!

Melody - I know I was very firm in my comments to you. See what a difference a few days make?

DesLily - only time will tell when I will actually get to any of these! I am thinking October?

Gautami - I've had Deliverance Dane loaded on my Kindle since it came was an impulsive purchase but I'm glad I got it.

Nymeth - I won "Let the Right One In" from C.B. James in a giveaway, but I've gotten bogged down since then. Thanks for making me feel better about the lack of self control!

Jackie - I just adored The Ghost Writer, so I was very excited to hear about the release of The Seance. Love those spooky stories!

Marg - I know, I shouldn't even try to fight it. Another Shadow of the Wind, huh? Well, I'm about halfway through the 47 disc "The Fiery Cross" on audio. When I finish that (who knows when) I will go for the popular vote!

Lauren - I loved The Moonstone so I was intrigued to read another Wilkie. It could also count as my last "Classics" challenge book. Another Shadow of the Wind vote!

Diane - I've read good and bad, but the premise grabbed me. I look forward to reading it!

Carl - well, you must make this challenge so compelling, how could ignore it? I don't know whether to love you or curse you!

ds said...

I think you just became my "tipping point." Read about this at Bellezza's and of course at Carl's & thought "gee, I dunno..." But he makes it so darned easy & fun to join. Your list looks great; I had promised myself some Wilkie Collins at some point... You are amazing to squeeze all of this into your hectic life!

Amanda said...

The Woman in White is so good!

Melissa said...

I've heard really good things about The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, and hope to get to it soon.

Sandy Nawrot said...

ds - go! go! go! Let's all go down in a blaze of glory. You're right, I'm off my rocker but what they hey. Carl won't come and shoot me if I don't finish it!

Amanda - I am glad to hear that! I get mixed messages, but since I loved The Moonstone, I am dedicated to reading it!

Melissa - yes, it was even featured as one of the top summer reads on GMA. I think that is finally what convinced me to so conveniently press that "Buy" button on my Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I am so glad you posted this. I couldn't join last year, but wanted to this glad you posted it or I might have missed it.

I'm joining!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I got my post all ready and went to add the date. Carl's says 2009...yours says 2010. Ugh! I can't do it if 2009 is the ending date. Guess I'll be deleting that!

Becky said...

It looks like you have a great list of books to choose from. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews. I want to get to The Woman in White myself.

Sandy Nawrot said...

J. Kaye - OMG. You are right! I totally misread that. Sigh. Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar. That will teach me to get all excited and in a hurry!

Becky - It will be fun if a bunch of us read that book. It certaily makes for lively discussion when we all know what we are talking about!

Mel u said...

I just joined the challenge also-
I will read
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Turn of the Shrew by Henry James
Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Zafon (I read Angel's Game recently and liked it a lot)
and a work of Japanese Fiction that fits this challenge-still researching ideas

Matt said...

That is a deicious pile! I've got The Angel's Game as well, waiting and waiting to be read. Iliana (Bookgirl) is reading The Woman in White, I think I'll read that as well after I'm through with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which is most likely tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

The Angel's Game is on my list too!!

Carrie K. said...

I have my fingers over my ears, I can't hear you, la la la la la...

Unknown said...

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Iliana said...

Woo-hoo! I'm so glad you are joining in. Carl is a fantastic host so you will love this.

Your list is great and I'd say go with Woman in White just because I'm reading that one right now :) Then again, Shadow of the Wind is a favorite read of mine and My Cousin Rachel is fantastic too!