Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Book Blogger Appreciation Week Meme

At this point, most book bloggers are more than aware of the upcoming Book Blogger Appreciation Week, held September 14th through the 18th. For my non-blogging friends, this event is the brainchild of Amy from My Friend Amy, who organizes over 400 book bloggers in a celebration of literature, the hard work and dedication of bloggers, and recognition of those that stand out in the field. She schedules a whole series of guest posts, blogging themes and giveaways. This will be my first year participating, and I can barely wait! Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I will be out of town for most of that week, but I plan on bringing the laptop!

To build up the excitement of BBAW, Amy devised this meme of questions, in order for everyone to either share their favorite parts of BBAW last year, or if you are new, like me, to share some highlights from their first year of blogging:

1. What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you?

The answer to this question becomes overwhelmingly clear pretty quickly when you start blogging. The bright spark of my every day (besides the sweet angelic faces of my children) is the warm, friendly camaraderie of the book blogging community. Everyone is incredibly supportive, whether you have a technical problem, you're in a reading slump, having a bad hair day or you've won an award. Book bloggers are a very happy lot, and an extended family who all have a like-minded passion for literature. They never fail to bring a smile to my face.

2. What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you or inspiring you?

Like I said before, if I put a call out for help, everyone comes running! Many have also bestowed me with thoughtful awards. But a few bloggers have really reached out to help me throughout the last 9 months. My very first official follower (not counting my mom and sister) was C.B. James @ Ready When You Are C.B.. I sent him countless e-mails with technical questions (I suck at html), and he very quickly pulled me in for some guest posts and memes. I will forever be grateful for his patience with me!

Two bloggers have interviewed and featured me on their blogs: Jackie @ Farm Lane Books and Wendy @ Musings of a Bookish Kitty. Both of these features gained me some serious readership, and I felt honored for them to spend their time helping me out!

About a handful of months after I started blogging, I wanted to make some technical changes to my format, and I turned to Beth @ Beth Fish Reads, who has a beautiful website, for help. She pointed me in the right direction, and after some angst, I came out the other end with a format that I liked. Beth is also a talented photographer, and as a result has inspired me to actively participate in Wordless Wednesdays. She has also made me much more aware of how and what I am photographing.

I quickly developed a friendship with the Bumbles early this year, who are a dynamic blogging couple that sponsor the Monday Movie Meme. They gave me my first award, which was an exciting day! And when I was getting ready to go to Poland for vacation, Molly jumped in and gave me about 20 ideas on how to prepare my blog for 2 1/2 weeks of absence. She loaned me a book review (as well as C.B. James and ds @ Third Storey Window) and came up with 3 advance Monday Movie Meme topics. She made sure all my links were added to meme host sites. The Bumbles rock!

3. What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer?

My only question at this point is, how can I get involved? I want more exposure and to expand my readership, as I am sure most of us do! C.B. James and I are currently working on a project together for BBAW, and hope it can find its way into the fray. I would welcome any thoughts!


Melody said...

Amy is awesome, isn't she? I can't imagine all the hard work and time she's putting things together for this huge event! I'm in awe!

I'm glad you're participating, Sandy! One the best thing about BBAW is getting to know many new bookbloggers out there, and of course not to mention it's fun, fun, fun!

I love this bookblogging community! :)

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to BBAW too!

I am touched that you mentioned the interview with me. I remember that as a big jump in my blogging history too.

I had very few followers at that point and I think the few I had were different to the ones you had, so we did a good swap! I think new bloggers could perhaps learn from that lesson. Coupling up with another new blog which has similar book taste to you will hopefully gain you a few new loyal followers.

I'd like to do something for BBAW too - I should look into that!

Book Chick City said...

Hi - I really liked your answers. I like this meme, what a good idea. I am new too and I'm not really sure how to get involved. I agree, book bloggers are a friendly bunch! I have also noticed that you come by my blog quite often and leave lovely comments, so thank you as it's really nice to think that someone is following your blog on a regular basis :)

I have an award for you too - you can collect it HERE !!

Andreea said...

I am new to the blogging world, so I haven’t heard of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week yet. Thanks for mentioning it. I will definitely check it out, since it sounds like a lot of fun. I have already noticed how warm and friendly book bloggers are (especially you Sandy) and I am looking forward to “meeting” other nice booklovers!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Melody - I am wondering when that girl sleeps, honestly. This BBAW is a new thing for me, but I am up for it!

Jackie - I was so thrilled when you wanted to interview me! It was alot of fun, and you should have seen the blip in my readership from England after that!

Book Chick - I am really pretty amazed at how you have jumped in with both feet. One month old and you are doing author interviews and getting ARCs??? Wow! Thanks for the award too!

Andreea - definitely check it out. Just go to bookbloggerappreciationweek.com
You can register, and vote for your favorite bloggers in different categories! Welcome to the fun, BTW!

Beth F said...

Oh, Sandy, I am amazed that you would think to mention me! Thank you so much, that was so sweet.

I can't wait for BBAW. I missed it last year (was I even blogging?) and I am actively involved this year -- who knew?

I will be posting this meme later in the week. Amy is awesome and gets tons and tons of credit.

Unknown said...

How nice you are to mention me. It was no trouble at all you know. And you're certainly up and running strong after just one year.

Serena said...

I can't wait to see what you've cooked up!

Maybe we could chime you in with the WWII BBAW events? I'll talk with Anna...you've been really supportive of the challenge.

The Bumbles said...

Nice to be loved Sandy! I am interested in this joint project you and CB have cooking - I have enjoyed the few joint ventures we have done with other bloggers and am sure your and CB's will be lots of fun and a big success. I saw the BBAW site as a place to vote for blogs and thought of you instantly for reviewers. But I didn't poke around to see what else it was all about. Your post has reminded me to go do that sometime soon.

ds said...

Sandy, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you these past months! You are so open and friendly, and knowledgeable; I cannot believe you've only been doing this for a year. Your blog is one of my daily "must reads."
Thanks for the mention--but you know I would do anything for you. Anytime.

Blogworld is truly a special place, and bookbloggers are the most special of all. I'm glad you're here.

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't know anything about BBAW so I need to get researching... whoops! It sounds like a really fun thing to get involved with!

Amy said...

I hope you love it. I really enjoy your blog Sandy and all of the amazingly thoughtful comments you leave everywhere.

I know it seems like it's hard to get involved now, but believe me, when it comes, there will be SO much to be involved in. I"m going to email you to ask for help on something, though ;)

Sandy Nawrot said...

Beth - I know, I think Amy is one of the big promoters of our community, and I appreciate her for it. I can't wait to see how you are participating this year!

James - well, maybe it didn't bother you, but I sure appreciated the help. I was a hopeless mess, like a blind person fumbling around.

Serena - you just let me know! I just did finish my 10th book for the WWII challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Bumbles - yay! I will bribe for votes! I put you guys on there for a couple of them. That Ovah the Monstah is an awesome series!

ds - Likewise! It has been such a pleasure getting know you. That is what makes this community so special!

Simon - yes! You definitely need to get registered. Because I think I voted for you for something.

Amy - you just name it! I'm game for anything!

Unknown said...

Out of interest what percentage of your visitors come from the UK?

I have about 30% from the UK, almost all of the rest is from the US+Canada.

I rank highly on UK searh engines though, so just wondered what sort of UK hits a US blog got.

Ana S. said...

The camaraderie and friendship really are the best part :)

I'm looking forward to the project you and CB are working on! With you two behind it it'll be good for sure :D

Sandy Nawrot said...

Jackie - My UK visitors are the highest percent after the US, at 8% over the last month, which is what it generally been since I started hanging with you!

Nymeth - we're excited about it. I hope it turns out well!

Amy said...

Great responses. While I'm new to book blogging, I agree. . .the bloggers are the best part!

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I participated last year! I had a blast. Here's my BBAW post

Matt said...

I have to say book bloggers are some of the most supportive, kind, and well, book-savvy people I know. :)

Sandy Nawrot said...

Amy - its amazing really. What I wouldn't give to get together with a group of happy book bloggers!

Bluestocking - thanks for the link! I intend on visiting my head off. Although, I'm not sure how many more blogs I can put into my reader and still function on a day-to-day basis! But I will give it my best!

Matt - you weren't far behind James. I consider you one of my originals. Love ya!

Unknown said...

I checked my stats after leaving the comment yesterday and my UK percentage has increaded to 50%. I think I need to do something about this, as although it is nice to have so many UK hits I did like the global mix I had before.

I can feel a new blog post topic coming on....

Lezlie said...

This year's BBAW is going to be so much fun, especially with all the new folks like you joining us!!


Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Everything I read just makes me feel like I am heading towards the best event of the year! Thanks for sharing on your post... loved the blogs you mentioned and I am going to go and check them out.