Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 13 - Poland Edition #2

13 Things that drive me crazy about Poland
Now, for the things that make me want to run screaming back home, after a couple of weeks...
1. Slow pace. I'm able to stop and smell the roses with the best of them. But when it takes two hours to walk two blocks down the street, I start to lose it.

2. Pollution in the cities. I'm hoping that visiting once every other year won't give us all lung cancer.

3. Inconsistent restaurant service. We are out of eggs today, and therefore cannot serve anything that requires them. Sorry.

4. If you don't eat enough food for four people, you are considered rude, or there is a concern that you are sick.

5. No air-conditioning.

6. No ice in drinks.

7. Old men in Speedos (I had small bathrooms here in this spot, until my friend Michelle reminded me about saggy butts showcased for all to see.)

8. No clothes dryers, anywhere. Your knickers are hung out to dry in front of God and country.

9. Driving conditions and detours. What would take 2 hours to drive in the US takes 6 hours in Poland. Detours can pop up out of nowhere, direct you into the wild blue yonder and leave you for dead. We brought GPS with us this time.

10. Paying to use the toilet. In some public places, they still have a little old lady that collects money for you to use the loo. Toilet paper is extra.

11. Parking. Space is limited, so parking is a challenge anywhere. Good thing they let you park on the sidewalk if you want.

12. Fear of the Russian mafia. My husband assures me that this is no longer an issue. But at one point, they would drive on the main highways, cause a fender-bender, then when you would pull over, they would rob you and gun you down. This is why I have my head between my knees for most road trips.

13. Rapid-fire language with very few consonants. True, if I would just become fluent, this would no longer be an issue. But by the end of a couple of weeks, my ears are ringing and my head hurts.

For more T13 participants, see the Bumbles comment below. Stay tuned for the third installment of our Poland Edition...sights we will see on our trip!


Unknown said...

If you don't eat enough food for four people, you are considered rude, or there is a concern that you are sick.

LOL! I love that though! As long as the food is good I like people who actually take in interest in what you eat, and ensure you've had enough.

The Bumbles said...

Well # 4 sounds like every grandmother I've met so I can relate to that one. And #6 is a pet peeve of mine from visiting Quebec - warm soda and cold bread. What's up with that? I did a guest post a few weeks ago about Speedos - no need to revisit those images *shudder*

ds said...

Totally relate to #4 (in some ways, literally)! #7--eww. #12--scary. As for #1, big LOL. Just keep smelling the roses...

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

Have you read CIAO AMERICA by Beppi Severgini (sorry spelling might be off on name, but the title is correct, a memoir). He is Italian, spending a year in Georgetown, and writes about things like ice, a/c, etc. very funny. His second book didn't strike me as much.

Literary Feline said...

LOL What a wonderful post, Sandy! I do hope you are having a good time despite the headaches. :-)

Melody said...

LOL. I hope things are getting better for the rest of your trip!

Kim K said...

LOL!! My mother would be prepared for the toilet paper issue...she always carries extra in her purse, "just in case". Re. the air quality, we've experienced the same thing in's so bad you feel like you're suffocating! But, the good completely outweighs the bad, doesn't it?

caite said...

I loved your 13 things that drive you crazy about Poland....almost as freat as the 13 things you love.

awwww... Pierogies.....