Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Movie Meme - I'd Rather Be Pretending

This week's Monday Movie Meme from the Bumbles is all about the movies we'd most like to hang out in. Movies have a magical way of transporting us to a different time and place. Once the lights come back on and the movie is over, don't you ever heave a big sigh and try to wish yourself back into that alternate reality? Which movies have had this effect on you? Why? Here are a few of mine:

1. Baby Boom - I've watched this movie dozens of times, probably because it represents a fantasy of mine. Give up the high-powered job, move to the country to raise your baby, make organic baby food out of boredom during a snowstorm and grow it into a huge successful enterprise, getting the last laugh against the evil corporate boobs you used to work for. Make out with and fall in love with the handsome country vet. (No offense to my husband of course.)

2. Under the Tuscan Sun - This movie is permanently on my iPod. It will get me out of just about any funk I'm in. Another fantasy. Sell everything, move to Tuscany, buy a beautiful old villa, fix it up, make friends with the locals, cook for them, have a fling with some Italian dude. (No offense to my husband of course.)

3. Be Kind Rewind - A couple of numnuts accidentally erase all the VHS tapes in the rental store they are watching for a friend. So they try to reinact all of the messed up movies with lame props and a video camera. With Jack Black in the mix! How much fun would that be????

4. Harry Potter - I know, this one is predictable. But who wouldn't want to fly on brooms, ride hippogriffs, make potions and plot to kill Voldemort? We will get the chance next year when Universal opens their new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Guess I will be renewing my pass!

5. Sideways - A road trip through wine country, contemplating the meaning of life and the perfections of Pinot Noir. Need I say more? (Side note: I don't really need to see Thomas Haden Church's bare butt or his little tete-a-tete with the hefty waitress. I'd go to a wine bar around the corner while that was going on...)

6. Babette's Feast - A famous Chef de Cuisine (Babette) flees a wartorn Paris to seek refuge in a small Danish town that consists mostly of a strict Christian sect. When Babette wins the lottery, she spends her entire winnings to cook a luxurious french feast for the angry, fussy townsfolk, and heals their souls in the process. Get me my apron - I'm going to give Babs a hand!

7. The Secret Garden - This movie is pure magic, whether you are 7 or 70. I would love to have a secret garden with a swing, where you find love and friendship and friendly wildlife. In reality, I get weeds, vines, mosquitoes and the occasional snake.


Anonymous said...

Is Under the Tuscan Sun based on a book with the same name. That book has been on my wishlist for a long time. May be I should just watch the movie instead.

Amy Reads Good Books said...

I so love Sideways! I agree. . .great location movie! My other favorite is A Room With a View. Ahh, Florence!

Susan said...

The number one movie in which I would like to be has to be 'Chocolat'.

1. Johnny Depp

2. Rolling around in the confectionery store window and stuffing my face with luscious chocolate.

3. Johnny Depp

The Bumbles said...

Sounds like you have a theme going on here - drop everything and run away to enjoy life. Nothing wrong with those plans!

And per Susan's comments it seems like I need to rent Chocolat ASAP.

Penny said...

I answered Harry Potter as well!!
Can't wait for the new one!

Heidenkind said...

Sideways was hilarious. But I don't think I'd want to live in it... :D

I have to second Susan on Chocolate--or any movie with Johnny Depp in it. ;)

Carrie K. said...

I've had Babette's Feast on my Netflix queue forever, but haven't seen it yet. I'll have to move it up!

ds said...

Oh, I am with you on Harry Potter (all of them) and Babette's Feast (thanks for the reminder!). And then Amelie--ah, Paris! For wine, Bottle Shock for Alan Rickman, and Dennis Farina's suit. But Susan wins.

Beth F said...

Under the Tuscan Sun would be fun. Violet: Yes it's based on the book.

Literary Feline said...

I'm still kicking myself over not thinking of Harry Potter. The Secret Garden is another really good one. Great choices, Sandy!