Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Movie Meme - Simply the Best

In honor of the Oscars last night, this week's Monday Movie Meme is all about our all-time favorite Oscar-winning films. I've not even come close to seeing them all, but this was incredibly picking your favorite children! But if I must, here are my top 5 (I've seen each of these movies no less than a dozen times):

* The Sound of Music

* Godfather

* Godfather Part II

* Silence of the Lambs

* Schindler's List

However, in doing my research, here were my runner-up considerations:

* Gone With the Wind

* On the Waterfront

* Lawrence of Arabia

* The Deer Hunter

For more fun with the Monday Movie Meme, visit the Bumbles here.


Unknown said...

I'm ashamed to admit that the only one in your top ten that I have actually seen is The Sound of Music. I have avoided a lot of the rest because I'm easily distressed by films.

Perhaps I should get round to seeing a few of them though...

Beth F said...

I couldn't possibly pick!! I like all the movies you've listed. Of course, many of favorite movies didn't make the cut or weren't given an Oscar.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Jackie - well, if you were to see one, The Sound of Music is a good one! Yes, if you scan through the Oscar-winning movies, many are really distressing! I guess I am a glutton for punishment...I thrive on that stuff!

Beth - I know, it was so hard to pick. I mean, I LOVE Rocky! I LOVE One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! I don't think there is a one on the list that I didn't like at some level. I had to quickly go through the list and go with my immediate, gut reaction. And you are right...there are so many awesome movies out there that just aren't BIG enough for the Oscar committee. It is so political.

The Bumbles said...

Beth makes an excellent point - consider for example that "The Wizard of Oz" did not win best picture - because it lost to "Gone With the Wind!" What an awesome year for movies that was.

Kathie Smith said...

Loads of dogs have won best picture, but here are winners that deserve to be winners, IMHO:

Rebecca 1940
All About Eve 1950
The Apartment 1960
The French Connection 1971
The Godfather 1972
Annie Hall 1977
The Deer Hunter 1978

...and a huge jump and leap of faith that it will stand the test of time:
No Country for Old Men 2007

Sandy Nawrot said...

Bumbles - That is a perfect example of a total hose. I know there are a couple of other major ones that just aren't coming to mind right now...

Kath - I need to make a point to see Rebecca, All About Eve, and the Apartment. I loved No Country for Old Men. I didn't care that it ended the way it did, which turned some off. Loved the book too!

Anna said...

Schindler's List...what a powerful film. I saw it when it first came out (I was in high school and didn't know much about the Holocaust) and saw it again a couple of months ago. I cried, and I'm haunted by it.

Diary of an Eccentric

caite said...

I have seem all your picks and they are all good picks. But so are the runner-ups! All very different, but excellent.
I just read a very interesting article about On The Waterfront. I have to rent that one and watch it again.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Anna - Yes I remember seeing Schindler's List in the theater (it was so crowded we were in the front row breaking our necks!) and thinking I'd never seen anything quite like it. Amazing, disturbing and haunting.

Caite - I'm curious about the article you are reading about On the Waterfront...what is it about?

Sandy Nawrot said...

I've remembered a few more movies that got the shaft, only because they were unlucky enough to be released during a year of stiff competition:

* Fiddler on the Roof (one of my all-time favorites)
* Raging Bull - I've admittedly got a DeNiro addiction
* Doctor Zhivago

Bellezza said...

I do love The Sound of Music and The Godfather (all of the Godfather movies, really, as well as the book!). I haven't seen the others because I'm easily scared with film; Silence of The Lambs would freak. me. out.

Thanks for visiting me, it's nice to meet you.