Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Salon: Regroup

 Good morning friends!  Things are looking up...I'm writing my post before noon!  We'll see if I finish before we leave for church.  I doubt it, but at least I'm getting started.

I'm not really going to say much about the past week.  It wasn't good, so I'm just going to block it out and regroup.  If we want to count blessings, I will mention that the uber-trainer Andre just had a new baby, and after taking a handful of days off, was back in action this week.  His workouts are good for the body, but are also nearly like therapy and I missed them!

I also forgot to mention last week that we went to see "Interstellar", which we enjoyed.  I wouldn't say that there will be acting Oscars coming out of that movie, but the visuals were amazing!  We're really starting to get into the season of good movies and serious Oscar contenders, and we've got our sights set on a few over the next few weeks.  If we can motivate the kids to leave their rooms!

On the reading front, I've made some good progress on "Revival", and hope to finish that very soon.  (Maybe today depending on whether it rains all day.)  I'm still not totally sure where Uncle Stevie is going with his story, but I love the journey.  I'm thinking of picking up "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy next, after reading that it was one of Uncle Stevie's favorite books ever.

On audio, I'm nearly done with the amazing Sarah Waters "The Paying Guests".  I've actually gone back and forth between reading and listening on this one and am probably a couple of hours from finishing.  She is wicked with the mind screw, and I'm just waiting for the poop to hit the fan on this one.  I will concur that the book could have used some serious editing, and there is a huge amount of drama going on, but I'm still enjoying it.  Up next is the highly-recommended "Wildlife" by Fiona Wood, which I just downloaded on audio from the library.

So the holidays.  I've got Thanksgiving sort of figured out.  But Xmas is not within reach right now.  I've got some work to do on that front.  I'm going to be looking for some motivation this week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, whether you are in rain or snow (what seems to be the theme all over the country).  And yay!  Got it done before church!  Hee hee


bermudaonion said...

I'm sorry to see last week sucked and I hope this week is better. I'm glad to see your back with Andre!

My mom is here but we're still keeping Thanksgiving simple. I bought a turkey breast yesterday.

Jenny said...

We've started our watching of Oscar contenders too hehe! We have just seen Birdman so far which was good.

Anonymous said...

Man, it must be bad if you don't want to discuss it.

I really want to see Birdman, but can't interest the hubs. He wants to see Fury. Took our granddaughter and two of her friends to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day yesterday and I actually thought is was pretty good. No Oscar contenders, of course, but not half bad, and quite a few laughs. Oh, I want to see the new Steve Carell movie, too. Can't think of the name, but they're talking Oscar nom.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your shitty week. :(

I really want to see Interstellar but probably will see Mockingjay first. Maybe tomorrow night? You know me, I don't go to a lot of movies so we'll see what I get to. I've only read one Sarah Waters and I really liked it, I've been meaning to get to the rest of hers for so long.

Trisha said...

Some weeks are just better forgotten - and in my case some weeks go by so fast and frantic they are unintentionally forgotten, or maybe never processed at all.

Beth F said...

Hoping you have a better week. We're having a simple Thanksgiving .. just the way we like it.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you haven't had a good week. Hope the next one is better.

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Sarah Waters. I loved Fingersmith, but her other books have just been in the good category. I hope this one does have a great ending.

Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I just started listening to Duma Key on audio - and am already hooked! Hope this week is better for you.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I thought The Paying Guests was so fun -- like three totally different books wrapped into one. It might have been a little long... but I didn't care a bit :)

Ti said...

I hope this week is better for you. I am here at work, hating a certain person and I am trying not to be so shallow but it's hard. I am not perfect but the stress of this place and the resentment of people not doing what they are supposed to is really getting to me. When I went to the doc last week, but BP was 198/90. They took it again after I had calmed down, I had come straight from work and had a surprise mammo and it was much better, 146/85 but still high. This place!!