Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Salon: ...and the crud stayeth

 Better late than never I always say.  And late has been the theme of the week.  Not only did my son and I continue on with the crud (sore throat that morphs into congestion that morphs into cough that morphs into gastro), but my daughter had it too.  I don't like this.  I can't recuperate in peace, they are demanding and whiny, and also there is stress because of so much missed homework.  Pray that next week improves in this category.

I did crawl out to Polish class and book club on Wednesday night, despite my hacking and spewing.  I wanted to force some kind of normalcy.  For this meeting we read "5 People You Meet in Heaven", and most did not likey which made me feel a bit better about my negativity.  Such hokey, manipulative crap.  Next month we'll be discussing "Eleanor & Park" which should go much better.

I cannot believe how the holidays have snuck up on me.  Normally, my routine is to mail those Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  Not sure that will happen this year...don't even have a picture!  (My kids have an extreme aversion to pictures it seems.)  I've done nothing!  I guess there has to be a first year to blow my record. I get overwhelmed with all the you guys?  I have to figure out how to manage it.  Downsize, simplify, find peace.

So Tuesday I strategically scheduled an eye appointment at Costco with the release of Stephen King's new release "Revival".  Very similar to the last time I stormed the store for his latest book, there were none to be seen.  The book-stocking girl SWORE there were none, but I didn't take that for an answer.  I got the Manager to check inventories, and sure enough, they were there in receiving, hidden in the corner.  SCORE!  Sadly, I've made very little progress.  Not much reading done this week.

Audios, as usual, is where it's at more than anywhere else.  I finished "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" for my other book club, and while it was a sweet, sentimental book, it may have been a little TOO sweet for my cynical heart.  The story takes place in Burma which is interesting, and is a generational love story (narrated by Cassandra Campbell who excels at stories like this).  It just seemed like the author was trying too hard to make me cry, and also threw some pretty obvious twists in there that I think were supposed to be shocking but just made me slap my forehead.  I'm now launching into what will probably be a part print/part audio experience of "The Paying Guests" by Sarah Waters.  Love her, but I am feeling hesitant because the reviews on this one haven't been stellar.  It's a long book, so this will take me awhile.

So today (or what is left of it) will probably be spent trying to read "Revival" and doing some child management in the area of overwhelming homework catch-up.  I'll be having a cocktail by 5:00 I predict.

So tell me...are you ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Are you excited about the idea of shopping and decorating or not?  How do you cope with the crazy schedule?  I need tips. 


Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

My holiday stress always comes with trying to find gifts for everyone on my list. I started brainstorming early this year, and even ordered a few things online. My goal is to be done shopping by early December... but who knows if that will happen! I hope you and the rest of the family start to feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I have purchased 3 gifts and have one more that is a definite yes. My kids haven't given me lists. Ugh. We have no picture and two away at school. Color me frustrated. A road trip to Jax may be in order. I am excited to decorate after Thanksgiving. Wrestling season is upon us....such dread!! No time.
Congrats to your daughters HS football team.
My reading has just been ok.
Wishing you all better health and I do plan to see you all in Dec for book club!!

JoAnn said...

Juliet Stevenson does an amazing job with The Paying Guests! It may be a little too long, but the story is engaging and, with under two hours to go, I'm not sure how it will end. I'll reserve my final judgment...

Hope you're all better soon. It's too beautiful down there now to be sick!!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

So impressed with your perseverance at Costco!!!

Trisha said...

I am always overwhelmed. Just always. I stopped sending out Xmas cards in part because I was so overwhelmed, I would miss my window, and then I would feel guilty. Now I'm lazy but I don't feel guilty. :)

bermudaonion said...

I still have a little bit of a cough from the crud a few weeks ago and it is so annoying.

I've been struggling with audio lately and haven't done much better with print.

We will have company at Thanksgiving but don't know if it will be my mom or our nephew. It will be a crazy time at the store so the week will just be a blur for me.

Heidenkind said...

Ready for Thanksgiving? Hahahahaha you're funny

Ti said...

I am on page 160 of Revival but I am only reading it at home and only read 20 pages this past weekend. It's good but it's reminding me of Dr. Sleep a little now and I didn't care for that one.

You are still sick? You need a hot toddy! A nice long, hot, soak in epsom salts and a hot toddy. That will fix you up.

I am really trying to simplify this year. I dragged my butt to church the message was about this very thing. I have purchased two things so far for my hairdresser and a teacher and the rest, not sure yet. I am not going to get all crazy over it. I refuse to this year. Just too much going on and Christmas should not be about the gifts.

My tip to you, make a list of what you need to do or buy and just go with that. No last minute add-ins or crazy runs to the store. If it's not on the list, don't get it. Also, pull out your Dec calendar and put all your known holiday events down so you can see what you have so far. That way, you can decline invites as they come in.

Anonymous said...

Are there holidays coming up? I just went and bought Gage's boots, hats and mittens this afternoon. We've had several inches of snow since last Thursday. (sigh) So, I guess I'm probably going to be behind for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.
I felt the same way about 5 People but my husband liked it.
I hope the crud clears out of your home soon!

Beth F said...

It is NOT time for the holidays. I'm in major denial

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy! Long time, eh? I've been on hiatus for quite a while, but I'm getting back into blogging a bit at a different one. I had to leave the Bear Swamp one. Too many memories there. We've had lots of changes as well, so the move seemed right. And I have a little more time, since I'm not on Facebook anymore.

Anyway, the only shopping I've done is for our two youngest grandsons. They're easy, at ages 2 1/2 and nearly 2. In fact, they're a little too easy. LOL. All the older kids want is electronics, or in our granddaughter's case (9), everything she sees on TV. :)

Right now, I'm in the process of preparing for Thanksgiving, or as we like to call it, the carb fest. Ugh, I can feel the pounds gathering to jump on my body, even as I type this.

I usually try to get a group picture of the grandkids for our Christmas picture/card on Thanksgiving day, but it's pretty hectic. It may get postponed until the following week.

I've been rereading the whole Outlander series this past few months, in preparation for the Starz series of the same name. Did you watch it? Oh my God! It was wonderful! I don't know if I can wait until April to see the rest of it. I went back and read your reviews on the first four books, and I loved them, of course. :)

It's good to be reading you again. Have a great day!