Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Salon: Happy Father's Day!

 I'm flipping through the mental sticky notes of my week, and I can't say that I have much to talk about.  But you know me, if I start typing, I'm sure I'll come up with something.  I'm feeling the need for bullet points.

*  It was my first full week with my son at home all day with me.    Certainly changes the structure of my schedule, but I do like having him around.  Of course, I could let him sleep until noon and life would be grand but I cannot abide by this.  I got him up to work out with me at Andre's, we knocked out some doctor appointments, and watched some movies that he deemed "excellent but disturbing".  (Good Lord, I'm not even going to admit what these were.)  He had some time with friends.  It was all good.

*  My daughter's first half of summer school is done.  She's been running with her cross country team for summer training, but has caught the summer crud.  She really needs her vacation to start soon, poor thing.  She suffered through a full day of volunteering at the animal shelter yesterday though.  She is determined to accumulate 500 volunteer hours before she starts applying for colleges in a couple of years.  Girlfriend has got her goals, that is for sure.

*  I just have to say that Skull Candy headphones are the way to go.  My son, daughter and I all use them, and we consistently break them.  Without fail, with a minimum of fuss, they replace them over and over again.  I am and will be a life-long customer.  (Random gush.)

*  Back to my running regime.  I'm still not running a lot of miles but man does it feel good.  I feel like I've sprouted some new wings.

*  After a miscreant upstairs toilet blew up and screwed up the ceiling in my kitchen, we finally got it all fixed.  The final step was the drywall people on Friday.  I hate having to fix things.   This particular nightmare cost me into the four figures.  I'm seeing the wisdom of renting down the road.

*  Still reading "Metro 2033" in print.  I believe I should be a few days away from finishing if I stay vigilant.  I don't know how long I've actually been reading it, but it is an amazing book.

*  On audio I'm still making my way through "And the Mountains Echoed" and still loving it.  I do love Hosseini, but he does have a vague formula for his books.  I'm just trying to figure out exactly how this one is all going to come together.  I was temporarily waylaid when my Mongo iPod crashed on me, and had to make do with my old dinosaur iPod Mini.  Once I let my regular iPod run out of charge, and recharge it, I was fine though.  Every possible kind of reading is moving slow these days.  Hey, if I run out of reviews, then I will just have to go away for awhile.  I'm not worried.

* Saw "This is the End" last night at the movies.  EW totally loved this movie, and it had a high Rotten Tomatoes rating.  And I did laugh the entire way through it, and I WILL write it up when I get a chance, but I'm going to need to be very careful about how I recommend it.  It was unlike anything I'd ever seen.  Hilarious, but TOTALLY over the top and often in the worst taste one could possibly imagine.  Which of course is right up my alley.

*  I'd like to wrap up today by offering a toast to all the dads out there.  They often get pushed aside and rarely get pampered, but today is the day.  We are going to be attending church, then escorting my husband to Tommy Bahama's for a little shopping spree and a tasty lunch.  At that point, I'm thinking that he will want to crash in his man-cave and watch the end of the US Open, and doggone it, we will let him.

Everybody have a wonderful Sunday!


bermudaonion said...

I have Skull Candy earbuds for my iPhone - are those the ones they'll replace? I need details.

I'll be watching for your thoughts on This is the End.

Bryan G. Robinson said...

I knew This is The End would be tasteless, but hilarious. That's my wife and I want to see it too. :) I haven't tried Skull Candy...have a pair of Beats (earbuds) right now that are working pretty well, but will check out for my next pair.

The Relentless Reader said...

You've had a good and busy week :) I hear what you're saying about renting. It has to be easier in ways right? Just call someone up and have them come fix (and pay for!) any problems that come up :)

JoAnn said...

My next headphones/earbuds will be Skull Candy. I'm still using the ones with ear hooks I got a couple of years ago on your suggestion... those hooks made all the difference!

I was listening to And the Mountains Echoed and ended up buying a hardcover so I could read faster... really enjoyed it. Hopefully, I'll even get a review written one of these days ;-)

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Glad to hear you all have found good headphones. I need to start trying some! :--)

Iliana said...

Oh I hate home repair stuff. Expensive and time consuming. Yay for you getting back to your running. I keep putting off going to the gym. Ugh.

Hope your husband has a great Father's day!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Father's Day!

Heidenkind said...

This is the End looks really, really funny. I already quote the line about low blood sugar when I'm hungry. :p

My parents never woke me up. Never ever. Of course, my mom usually sleeps in until 1 or 2 pm on her days off, so.

Beth F said...

My favorite earbuds were made my Jensen. They stopped making them, but before they quit I bought about 6 pairs. On my last set now, and am on the lookout for a new favorite.

Julie P. said...

Making a note about earbuds. The ones I'm using now have been great for me but I did hear some scratchy sounds just this morning!