Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little chit-chat with Laurie Perry, author of "Home is Where the Wine Is"

This past Tuesday, I reviewed Laurie Perry's second novel "Home is Where the Wine Is", including a giveaway. Today, I am so happy to share with you a little chit-chat with this warm, down-to-earth author with a killer sense of humor. So without further ado, here she is!

Sandy: I often find that when I drink a glass or two of wine while writing reviews, I am much more creative. Do you partake in a glass while you write? How do you get the creative juices flowing?

Laurie: When I'm writing at night I'll have a glass of wine, but usually I write in the mornings and so I just have a cup of tea or coffee with cream. I like to get up really early and sit at the keyboard and write whatever comes to mind. Mornings always seem full of bright ideas while in the evenings I tend to be more maudlin and emotional. Plot is definitely a morning thing. Emotion and description is a night event.

Sandy: I’ll admit, my wine tastes have probably been influenced by two
major events. One was a week-long trip to Napa with my husband (average price per bottle went up about $7 after that). The second was the movie Sideways, which really got me honed in on the Pinot Noirs and made me Merlot-adverse. Where and how did you acquire your love for the grape?

Laurie: Oh no, you're anti-Merlot! I think cabernet is my favorite, but I love a good Merlot from time to time. I've never studied grapes and varietals or anything, but my parents taught me to appreciate wine and have a healthy attitude about drinking in general. They have a very European approach about food and drinking and there was always wine at the dinner table or champagne on happy occasions. I'm not a wine snob and I'm pretty adventurous and will try anything but I definitely prefer dry wine over anything sweet. I do love sparkling wines, though, even a cheap cava. Sparkling wine makes any dinner feel festive.

Sandy: Red or white? Any specific grape or brand that you prefer?

Laurie: White. Pinot grigio. I am very pedestrian. I also like champagne, and cava.

Sandy: I’m intrigued with the number of knitters that are also bloggers
and book lovers. I am not one of those people, but I do enjoy hearing about the hobby, and think maybe once the kids head off to college I might try. You are an avid knitter, and were kind enough to even provide a few projects at the end of “Home is Where the Wine Is”. What is the wackiest thing you’ve ever knitted?

Laurie: The weirdest thing I ever knitted was a big knitted cat tunnel. It started out as a cardboard cement-pouring tube and I knitted a cover for it and added huge pom-pom feet. I was obviously over-indulging in the wine when I came up with that idea.

Sandy: I noticed on your blog that you have a set of priorities for
2010. (I love that you are so focused, and you actually see these priorities through to completion!) You have stated that you want to become healthier. This was one of my goals as well this year, and I’m finding it to be incredibly difficult, especially the whole cutting-down-on-wine thing. (Especially in the middle of a bathroom renovation.) Any words of wisdom or helpful hints?

Laurie: Pretend you're French! French people love their wine and chocolate and food and would never dream of cutting anything our entirely. Or you could always go online and find some of those pro-wine studies that show how heart-healthy a good glass of wine is. I prefer my science to dovetail with my own tastes and luckily with the Internet one is able to find a medical study somewhere saying whatever you want to eat is good for you.

Except cheeseburgers -- my favorite food. When you find the scientific study proving the medicinal benefits of the cheeseburger, will you let me know?

Sandy: Haha! Well, if I do find a way to make cheeseburgers an important part of my daily diet, I will be a rich woman! And you will be the first to know! Laurie, thank you so much for spending a few minutes with us today!


JoAnn said...

This is one of the best author interview posts I've read - good job, Sandy! Love the title of Laurie's book, too.

Molly said...

Fun interview, Sandy! I am more of a California Chardonnay person myself :)

I found it very interesting that she write plot in the morning - and emotion and description at night. That makes perfect sense, but I had never thought of segmenting my writing activities like that.

Serena said...

I love this author interview. I love that she adores Pinot Grigio! It is my favorite wine!

Cheeseburgers...healthy, now that would be a study I would shout from the roof.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I love the knitted cat tunnel! Great interview!

bermudaonion said...

This was a fun interview! You two make me feel bad that I don't appreciate wine more!

Julie P. said...

Very cute. I can tell Laurie is fun! I have her book sitting next to me and I'm planning starting it soon!

Jackie (Farm Lane Books) said...

I'm with Laurie - you can't cut out the wine! There is nothing wrong with one or two glasses with a meal!

I said on my post that you have a talent for interesting interviews and you have proved me right again! You made an author I know nothing about interesting - congratulations!

The Bumbles said...

Well, if I were a wine drinker, I would have snorted it right out of my nose upon reading about the knitted cat tunnel.

Your interview approach is refreshing - let us get to know the author as a person - makes one have a vested interest in reading what they have to say.

Alyce said...

I love the bit about the knitted cat tunnel. That is original! :)

Kathleen said...

Great interview. I like using the French as an excuse for me NOT giving up my wine!

Iliana said...

All this wine talk is making me want some! It's been ages since I had a glass of wine and I admit I love Merlot! There I said it :)

Wonderful interview!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I need to go buy a nice bottle of Merlot tomorrow :)

Alice said...

Great interview, Sandy! Hello Laurie!

I'm a wine idiot (well, not totally, but somewhat -- LOL!).

Susan said...

Great fun interview, Sandy! She sounds like someone who would be fun to have as a friend.

The pinot grigio wines I've had were a little sweet for my taste, but I do love a good pinot noir. I don't like merlot at all, or maybe I just haven't had the right one.

Beth F said...

What a fun interview! I knit, I read, I drink wine (white). I'm on a sauvignon blanc kick at the moment but I love pinot grigio. I've discovered a yummy white cotes du Rhone that's terrific.

Unknown said...

Charming interview. Very well done. Will more follow? You came up with an interesting set of off-beat questions.

I've not done one myself in ages, but I've been thinking about doing one lately.

BTW - I'm on Team Merlot. ;-)

Andreea said...

Great interview Sandy. You know what's funny? Laurie Perry was the name of my former English Professor at the University:)

Zibilee said...

Awesome interview! I haven't yet become a wine drinker, but I really want to explore and find out what kind of wine would best suit me. Out of all the wines I have tried, the ones I like best are the dessert wines, but I have to stay away from those because they do tend to fatten you up! I am also learning how to knit, so the cat tunnel sounds fascinating to me!

Anna said...

I loved this interview! Laurie is so much fun.

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