Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sunday Salon:

I know that 90% of you are sick of my complaining about the heat. Heat and humidity would do a body good when it is snowing and freezing, yes? We did continue to have tremendous heat for most of the week, but yesterday morning, we woke up to glorious cool weather! We had highs in the 70's with a little breeze thrown in. After a good 7 months of oppressive heat, we live for this time of year. Now the walking can really begin!

Speaking of walking, not only did I have the heat to contend with, I also had the flu this week. As a mom, however, none of this matters, and I've adopted the attitude that if I just ignore the symptoms, maybe they will go away. Here's an idea...maybe I can even sweat out the flu! So with my 20 mile goal in mind for the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge this week, off I went. I not only hit my goal, I exceeded it by 3 miles. Heat and the crud be damned.

On the reading front, I didn't make much headway. Too many kids activities I suppose. I am still reading Her Fearful Symmetry on my Kindle, and I'm enjoying it. I'm hoping to get some reading time today to knock it out! I did finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audio this week with the kids, and have cranked up the 17 disc of The Goblet of Fire yesterday. I also finished The Angel's Game on audio. Shadow of the Wind it was about that body count? Still, it really messed with my mind. It was an over-the-top cramming of murder, obsession, supernatural, smoke and mirrors into my ears and my brain. After I finished the audio, I immediately cranked up a feel-good book that lasted about 15 minutes. I couldn't do it. I was too twisted. I turned to a murder/mystery, and that seemed to work.

I had another book club meeting this past week, where we discussed the book The Uninvited. This is supposedly about a true haunted house located near St. Louis, MO. I found the book goofy and somewhat annoying, but the rest of the club was terrified. (Review coming next week.) Next month we are reading "Changing Faces" by Kimberla Lawson Roby, which at first glance seems like African-American chick-lit. One of the members has already read the book, and really liked it.

I am quite excited to tell you that because of Facebook, I have been reunited with a few good friends from high school. As a result, three of them are flying into Orlando on Friday, we are going to the beach for a couple of days, then going on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. My husband is afraid we will drink too much and fall over the edge of the ship, so we promised to hold hands and be careful. I will not have a computer with me, so I have pre-scheduled posts to carry me through. (Can I handle it? Will I get the shakes or a panic attack?) What this means, however, is that I will not be participating in the 24-hour read-a-thon next Saturday. I will be with you in spirit! My daughter and I truly wanted to participate, so I'm hoping that the schedule works out for us to do it next Spring!

Hope you all have a beautiful cool (or warm) Sunday!


Book Bird Dog said...

Sorry about your bad time with heat and flu. You must be in Florida! In the midwest we are chilled to the bone. As a matter of fact, our furnace just kicked in and is on! Hope you get over the flu.

Lauren said...

Sorry about your flu! The weather here WAS wonderful yesterday - I'm hoping it will stay, even though I should know well enough that in FL a cold wave never stays.

Glad you're enjoying Her Fearful Symmetry. I twas pretty good - Extremely twisted, though, which fits considering you just finished Angel's Game. :)

Jen - Devourer of Books said...

I'm doing The Goblet of Fire on audio right now too! I'm about 1/2 way through, though.

Beth F said...

I would say that I was sorry that you won't be doing the readathon, but I think that spending time with old friends and having grownup time without the rest of the family is a great thing!

A huge congrats on your walking. I fell 3 miles short, but this week is a new beginning!

I have lots of work this week, so my blogging will be pretty lame, but I'm excited to have my 24 hours of reading fun.

gautami tripathy said...

Here October ought to be cooler but this year it is still hot and we need the ACs running too. I hate LONG summers.

I have been in touch with many of my old school, college and University friends via Facebook!

Sunday Salon: Post Diwali

Unknown said...

I really hope you feel better soon.

Have a wonderful time with your friends - I have loved discovering old friends via facebook too!

Jeane said...

I have never yet done a read-a-thon because I just can't see how to juggle it around family and a four-year-old. Have fun reconnecting with your old friends! I wish we had your weather here- we've had a week of rain and cold weather- hovering around 50- and my furnace just broke! Brr.

Unknown said...

That's fantastic that you have reconnected with old friends and will be going away to hang out together for a while! I will miss you but I'm already looking forward to your stories of fun when you return. I'm not worried you'll fall overboard as your husband is but it's a good idea to stay away from the side of the ship after imbibimg! lol

So Harry Potter on tape is 17 discs? Whew! That sounds like a lot. But after your review of one of the series on tape I'm really interested to try it. I've read all of the Harry Potter and really enjoy the movies. I think the audio of the books will be a lot of fun!

It sounds to me like your reading of horror and mystery tales may be more advanced than your book club friends hence The Uninvited didn't scare you. The Angel's Game on the other hand sounds very creepy and down-right scary! You are a power reader/book listener Sandy and I always look forward to what you read listened to in the past week on your Sunday Salon!

I'm happy for you that your weather has cooled off. I hate humidity and prefer real cold to it! So I feel for you when it's very hot & humid!

I'm so sorry that you were sick this week. I hope you're feeling better.
Okay, this is long enough.

Darlene said...

I'd still like some warm weather sent my way. lol. I posted some pics of my snow today. You had a good week considering you weren't well and it was so hot. Have a great time on your cruise---I can't wait to hear about all the fun you're going to have.

Amy said...

I understand complaining about the heat friend! We had glorious rain (rare for us) and moody fall weather for like a day and then it got hot again. Curses!

We'll miss you during the readathon, but I don't think you'll be missing us. Have fun!

ds said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Please, please don't overdo the walking thing, especially in the heat (and with the flu--what were you thinking???)! Hope you are feeling better. Your only "responsibility" now is to have a fabulous time on that cruise. You have earned it!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Book Bird Dog - Yes, lovely Florida! Flu is on its way out, except this darned cough that won't go away!

Lauren - It is seriously twisted, but I kinda like that stuff. Between this book and The Angel's Game, I'll never be the same again!

Jen - I'm pretty excited about this one. It is a biggie, but this where it really begins to get dark!

Beth - ooooh, I so wish I had 24 hours to do nothing but read! Unfortunately, I can't imagine I'll get much reading done, while trying to catch up with 25 years of gossip!

Gautami - I know by the time October rolls around, we are just sick of it. I think yesterday was the first time the A/C wasn't running since...February? March?

Jackie - what I can't believe is that we are actually doing this! We talked and talked, and dreamed, but we put words into action!

Jeane - I know, I pray that at some point, we will be able to find a break in our weekend schedule so Emma and I can do the read-a-thon. Next weekend would have been perfect, but there are no sporting events!

Amy - for all the crap Facebook gets, it has been a blessing in reconnecting what was once a tight group of friends. Two of the three girls I've not seen in 25 years! As far as the horror is concerned, I grew up on Stephen King, so it does take a little extra to scare me! The Angel's Game didn't scare me exactly, but it was mind-blowing!

Dar - I know, I saw your snow on your post. Poor Buddy! Totally looking forward to the cruise. I'll definitely take pictures!

Amy - Believe it or not, I will really miss you all for the read-a-thon! Good thing I'm ahead on my reviews, because I doubt there will be much reading going on for me. Too much drinking and yakking and girls behaving badly!

ds - thanks for mothering me! I do tend to overdo, but I honestly believe the exercise and sweating helped my ailments. And my rear-end!

Gavin said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! The trip next weekend sounds exciting. Isn't the internet neat?

Kathleen said...

Glad to hear the heat is finally letting up! I love the sun but can't stand humidity! Hope you feel better soon!

Literary Feline said...

It was pretty hot and muggy out my way too this past week. I am glad it cooled down a bit today. I hope you are feeling better, Sandy! Being sick in the heat is no fun.

Angel's Game seems to be getting mixed reviews. I'm looking forward to giving it a try one of these days. I haven't yet read Shadow of the Wind.

Isn't it funny how differently we can perceive books? When you commented that you found The Uninvited goofy while the others found it scary, I had to laugh. I'd probably be on your side.

I hope you have a wonderful time on the cruise, Sandy. It sounds like fun. Have a great week!

Melody said...

I hope you feel better soon, Sandy!

Sounds like you've a great reading week! I'm still behind on Harry Potter Bk 3. Can't wait to hear what you'll think of Her Fearful Symmetry.

Have fun with your friends!

Ana S. said...

Hooray for cold weather! I'm sick of heat myself :/ And sorry to hear you've been ill, Sandy! I hope you're feeling better.

A cruise with a group of old friends!! What could be more wonderful?!

bermudaonion said...

Sorry you had the flu, but you're so right - moms just can't be sick so you just have to suck it up and move on. The cruise with your old friends sounds like so much fun - I hope you have a fantastic time!

caite said...

I hate the heat....hate it. But then I don't choose to live in the Sunshine State. See...sunshine...a hint.

Personally, I want to live in the Cool, Overcast State. Where is that one?

Wait, a vacation without a computer?? Want to borrow my netbook? I picture the four of you, all very drunk, holding hands and falling over the railing of the ship, all together...

JoAnn said...

Facebook has been fun for me, with all those high school friends. Have a great time at the beach and on the cruise.
"Hold hands and be careful" indeed! LOL!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Gavin - well, FB gets its share of bashing but there is beauty in it as well. I cannot even imagine what this week is going to be like!

Kathleen - I can take it, but after seven or eight months of it, I get cranky! I shall be walking tomorrow morning with joy in my heart!

Wendy - I hope you get relief soon as well. I always thought California had perfect weather! I'm feeling much better and this cough can just kiss my rear end. As far as the paranormal "true story", I think it would have been scarier if it had been fiction...

Melody - Just finished Her Fearful Symmetry 15 minutes ago. I liked it, but I'm going to have to let it simmer in my mind for a few days before I write the review!

Nymeth - everything but the cough is gone. No worries...I could have a limb removed and still enjoy my cruise!

Kathy - You are so right. Not to sound like a martyr, but nobody really cares if mom is sick. They still want clean clothes and a meal every night!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Caite - yeah, when I moved to Florida (not our pick but you go where the job goes)my mom screamed "but you HATE the heat!". Big fat bummer, huh? Overcast all the time? Maybe Seattle? I almost peed myself thinking about all of us flopping over the edge of the boat together. Seriously, all the husbands fear this. That or us getting kidnapped. Yeah right!

JoAnn - I've never gone on an all girls vacation. I can't wait. Our biggest stress is figuring out how to smuggle the wine onboard!

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

OMG I am loooving Her Fearful Symmetry! What do you think??

Lisa said...

What great fun to have reconnected with old friends that you are so close to after all of these years! Enjoy your trip!

Ti said...

You're right. The Angel's Game is nothing like The Shadow of the Wind. I thought it was okay, but not great.

I am so jealous of your cruise plans. A cruise with girlfriends would be so much fun. Hey..I am on Facebook too and have hooked up with all sorts of people but no cruise plans as of yet.

Alice said...

Can I complain too? The heat over here is also almost unbearable. :(

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually commited to the 100 Miles Fitness Challenge yet, but I plan to go on a hike tomorrow... if it's not raining ;)

Her Fearful Symmetry is on the shelf but when oh when am I going to get to that? :\

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Sandy--you are totally rocking that 100 Mile challenge! I'm lucky these days to work out 3 times a week. :( Pitiful!

Hope you kick that flu in the butt, too!