Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Recovery" by Alexandrea Weis - A Sneak Peek!

Not long ago, I reviewed (and loved) "To My Senses" by Alexandrea Weis - see my review here. To my excitement, Alex has been working on the sequel to this novel called "Recovery". She has entered the first 5,000 words, or 25 pages, into the Breakthrough Novel Awards contest, and is available for review. In fact, she has made it to the quarterfinals, and every review is important to her progression towards the finals. You can access the download (which is free) at:
Please keep in mind that in reading this excerpt, you will ultimately be able to figure out how "To My Senses" ended!

I won't give too much away...just suffice it to say that I did not want to walk away from Nicci in "To My Senses". I had really grown to love her. In "Recovery" we are reunited with her, post-Katrina, with a serious right-hand turn in plot.

Let's all support Alex in her endeavor, and pray she finishes the book quickly. I can't wait!


Unknown said...

That's great news! I don't want to ruin the first book by reading the excerpt, as I'd like to read 'To My Senses' one day.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for her!

(I keep finding that I can't read your posts...the outlander series, Gone with the Wind.etc, as I seem to be following you so much, and don't want everything given away - so sorry for not commenting on a few things - when I read the books, I'll make sure I go back to the posts I've been ignoring!)

Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm sorry Jackie! With the Outlander Series, they are just so huge and there is so much happening, it impossible to review it and not give something away! Otherwise I'd just say "time travel love story set in Scotland" for all of them! It is very frustrating! I actually read all the synopsis of them before I started the series...I don't find that it takes too much away from the story, which is in itself, a journey!

Anna said...

I received a message from Alexandrea about this, too, but alas, my limited computer time has kept me from posting it this week. I'll have to check it out for sure...I can't wait to see what happens to Nicci next!

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