Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Salon: Highlights

 Good afternoon friends.  Late again.  Just plan on it from here on out!  Had a good, busy week.  My parents arrived from Indiana for the winter.  The kids were in their last week of school before the break (the daughter had mid-terms - drama!).  I finished the last bit of shopping and found an adorable local indie bookstore that just opened (our only one).  We had a book club meeting discussing "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell.  So much love for that book!  We had an impromptu Christmas gathering at a friend's house last night.  My daughter got two free tickets to this Ice exhibition down at the Gaylord Palms resort, which gave us a taste of winter and froze our noses.

The kids tell me I need to get a life, but the highlight of my week really is the update on the puppies.  I know, call me lame.  They are now two weeks old, their eyes are open, they are starting to play with each other and make noises, and their pigment is starting to come in on their little noses.  

Oh, so this is a book blog I guess, except I'm not reading much. Still.  I did actually finish "Empty Mansions" on audio this week.  It was a fascinating piece of history about a lost fortune and a reclusive heiress.  I'm now about halfway through "Detroit: An American Autopsy" by Charlie LeDuff.  This is a grim, gritty sketch of a city gone to hell.  I guess I've had the need for some non-fiction lately!

Speaking of non-fiction, I'm also reading "Monster" by Steve Jackson, a true crime story about a sadistic serial killer of women.  I've been reading this one for awhile, but it IS good.  I hope to have the time to finish it soon.

I cannot believe that Thursday is Christmas.  It has totally snuck up on me!  Tonight we will have to do some hard core planning of the meals, including our traditional Polish feast called Wygilia, on Christmas Eve.  I wish all of you a wonderful week and look forward to seeing what Santa brought you all.




bermudaonion said...

How could you not be obsessed with the thought of a new puppy?!

Vance was here tonight and I meant to get input on our Christmas dinner and totally forgot. Ugh!

Belle Wong said...

The puppies are so adorable! I'd be thinking about them all the time, too. I'm hoping to listen to more non-fiction in audiobook in the new year, so will have to add "Empty Mansions" to my list. I'm not sure I could listen to "Monster" in audio, though, but I might look for it in print.

Wishing you a wonderful week and happy holidays!

JoAnn said...

Those puppies are so adorable! They make me happy just looking at them.

I really like Empty Mansions on audio...such an unusual story. And I've just added Detroit: An American Autopsy to my wish list.

We had dinner at my sister's tonight and nailed down the Christmas Day menu - finally. I've got Christmas Eve under control and we're trying a couple of new recipes for Christmas brunch. A week of feasting!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sandy!

Alyce said...

So much cuteness! It's going to be fun to watch your puppy grow up via photos on your blog.

Beth F said...

Finally got the Christmas Eve dinner menu down ... it will be easy this year. Christmas Day dinner is with friends. Then there's New Years ... Time is flying.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

They are so sweet; wish I could get one of the siblings!

Unknown said...

The puppy photos are killing me!! Yes we have a dog, but I'd love a new one too. Enjoy your family and be like me, very little reading time with girls home, Nick out of school and enough cooking and final prep to make life crazy fun!!

Ti said...

That B&W one! I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pups! I hope you've had a very merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful one!

Iliana said...

Those puppies - oh my goodness cuteness!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Unknown said...

If you're late - I'm REALLY late! Have been away from blogging for a few weeks so am looking forward to catching up on your favs of 2014.

No need to apologise about puppies - you can never have too much puppy - especially when they are yours. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. I look forward to seeing which puppy you get and seeing it grow up (and hearing about all the books you read :-) )