Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Salon: Blessings

I'm definitely breathing a sigh of relief after the end of this week!  It was my son's first week of high school, and I think I was as nervous about it as he was.  But he got through it, I got through it.  He was placed in a couple of classes that were not honors and should have been, so we are still hanging in limbo a bit trying to finagle some schedule changes.  I'm also trying to figure out pick ups and drop offs, with two kids at two schools that are far apart from each other with different hours.  Logistically it was a total nightmare, and I declared that I cannot do this for an entire year.  I just pray that in a month when my daughter gets her license, she is able to get a parking spot at her school and this insanity can end.

But!  There were good things happening this week as well, and I need to focus on that.  On Thursday, my husband and I had our 22nd wedding anniversary.  We celebrated with a nice dinner on Friday night at a place called Eddie V's.  They greeted us with rose petals on our table, a card, a rose for me, and a free dessert.  It was a nice touch!

On Saturday night we attended a 50th birthday party for a friend we have known since our kids were 3 years old.  He just completed a year of battling colon cancer and he has recently gotten clear scans, so we were celebrating more than just his birthday last night. It was wonderful to see him and some old friends.  These are the blessings that I need to remember when I'm a fugue state after being in the car for three hours!  LOL

I had a good bit of reading this week.  I finished "Duma Key" by Stephen King on audio, and it was really an enjoyable book.  He created a wonderful setting on a fictitious key on the gulf side of Florida, with some spooky stuff but not too much.  This story was more about the bonds of friendship.  Great King storytelling at its best.  I also finished King's "Joyland" in print, rounding off my Summer of King.  This was another novel that was light on the scary and heavy on the feels.

I am now nearly through the audio of "You Should Have Known" by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and the jury is out on this one.  I hate the characters, very large chunks of the story seem to be missing, and it seems to be wrapping up a little too conveniently.  So stay tuned for the final verdict on that one.  Have any of you read this one, and what did you think?  I am also reading "The Colour of Milk" by Nell Leyshon in print.  A short book, but one that is promised to level me.

We've got nothing on the agenda today but taking my daughter to her SAT class.  Maybe a little pool action later since it is probably going to hit 98 again today.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and hopefully one that is cooler than mine!


Beth F said...

You Should Have Known -- the audio performance is the best part.

The Colour of Milk -- I *loved* it

The driving to school mess - fingers and toes crossed that you won't have to do this all year.

JoAnn said...

The drop off/pick up thing sounds like a total nightmare! Fingers crossed that it doesn't last long.

Hmm, between you and Beth F, maybe I can forget about You Should Have Know. It's on my kindle and I read the first 50 or so pages, but just didn't care about any of it.

Hurray for happy celebrations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 22 years!

Anonymous said...

So glad for your friend's all-clear on the health front! Our friends' son passed this week - wasn't really ready to talk about it on the blog yet, but it has been difficult for the entire church. I can't even imagine what his parents are going through right now.

I'll have to see if my library has Duma Key on audio - sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about You Should Have Known for me. Your driving schedule sounds rough, so hope that works out. Congrats on your anniversary and your friend's health!

Alyce said...

Yay for a happy week! Happy belated anniversary! I hope that the rest of the stuff works itself out easily (the honors classes & the picking up and dropping off the kids).

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

First of all Happy Anniversary!!! Also so happy for your friend and his clear scans!

Duma Key is a great book, and I'm a huge fan of all audiobooks- I finished Mr. Mercedes in audio format fairly recently and it was brilliant. Maybe someday I'll do a re-read of Duma Key and listen to it this time around. ;)

Jenny said...

Happy anniversary!! We actually went there this year for ours (10 years) and liked it so we are taking my sis for her birthday next week, LOL!

Ti said...

Your son is still making friends at the new school but can your daughter ride in with someone? My husband takes two of The Teen's friends to school on his way down the hill. LOL. We don't live far from the high school but no one wants to walk up and down the steep hill!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Happy anniversary! I hope your picking up and dropping off duties ease up a bit soon -- that sounds stressful.

Anonymous said...

I just caught up with your last 3 weeks and there are lots of congratulations to throw around. Your son's school experience and your anniversary being the biggest. Hopefully the next one will be for your daughter getting her license :)