Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Salon: The cutest cat in the room

I'm a little late this apologies!  Some days roll like that.  It's been another busy week, resolving our multitude of problems that seem to come in clusters.  I do have a theory that "incidents", requiring significant financial means in order to fix, all happen at once.  Sort of a way for your bank account to self-adjust I guess.  I won't belabor it all here.  I'm tired of whining.  We are another week closer to the end of school and my son's 8th grade graduation, it has (finally) stopped raining, and life is good.

I got back on the bandwagon this week with the evil trainer Andre after being away on vacation.  I did some serious work in the yard.  Doing a little home organization.  Yesterday, my daughter and I worked our normal detail at an offsite adoption event for our local shelter.  It was like the floodgates opened and adopters descended upon us, and at the end of the day we placed four dogs and a cat in homes.  That was a record for us.  Because we hold these events at Petsmart, most people that come in already have more animals than they need, so the mission is more about getting the word out.  But not yesterday...lots of action.

Also, on our way to the event, we found a pathetic, wet kitten along the side of the road, which we cannot abide.  We swiped him up and put him in a carrier for the event and then brought him home with us.  We will love him up for a few days, then take him to a lady that rescues kittens and gets them homes.  (Don't even try to tell me why I need a SEVENTH feline.)  All the cats in our house are seriously twisted and pissy.  They all want to be the cutest cat in the room.  But that position has temporarily been taken.


I booked tickets to Indiana for my kids and I this summer, which is an annual thing.  Other than that jaunt, we will be home for the most part.  No summer school, nothing.  I can't remember the last time that has happened.

Today we had early church and then a long walk.  The weather is gorgeous after several days of oppressive rain.  My husband is talking very loudly about all the things we can plan for this afternoon, but I'm keeping my head down and avoiding eye contact.  I am hoping for a tiny bit of peace.  Maybe he can drag my son out of his room for an activity.

The print reading is still pretty dismal.  I did finish "The Outlaw Album" by Daniel Woodrell, which I started in the readathon last weekend.  I'd be surprised if the book is 200 pages, but it took me awhile to get through.  A little too dire and abstract to keep my attention I guess.  I did start the 2nd Karen White book in the Tradd Street series, but I'm anticipating a delivery tomorrow of Rainbow Rowell's soon-to-be-released "Landline", a loaner from Michele of "A Reader's Respite".  Time will have to stop while I dive into that one.

I spent a little more time with audios this week.  I finished Andy Weir's "The Martian", which I adored.  And hey, I'm not really into Sci Fi but this was so much fun.  Just enough detail and geekiness to lend it credibility, just enough snark and action to keep me interested.  I also finished "Pilgrim's Wilderness" by Tom Kizzia, which is a non-fiction-they-can't-make-this-stuff-up kind of book that makes you feel like your head is going to explode.  In a nutshell, it is about a incestuous, narcissistic, bible-thumping madman who homesteads in Alaska with his brainwashed wife and 15 kids, and ends up taking on the National Park Service and the law for his sins.  Amazing, maddening stuff.  I'm now an hour into Piper Kerman's "Orange is the New Black".  Figured I need to read the book before I indulge in the TV series.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.  Anyone reading anything mind-blowing that I can't miss?


Anonymous said...

OMG that kitten! If I needed a 4th cat (and 5th animal) I would be all over that! But I definitely do not. ;)

I am LOVING We Are Water. You were so right about this book. I'm glad to hear you liked The Martian ... I was on the fence about that one, but I might grab the audio.

bermudaonion said...

Thankfully that awful storm missed us for the most part. I was at the beach with my mom and my sister last week and didn't read the first word. This week is crazy so I have a feeling it'll be the same way. Thank heavens for audios and morning walks.

Heidenkind said...

The kitten is so cute! I'm reading The Word Exchange right now & it's kind of delightful.

Beth Hoffman said...

Bless you for scooping up that poor little kitten!

Trisha said...

Okay I had to immediately order Pilgrim's Wilderness, and the two of us will be spending time together as soon as he gets here. :)

Literary Feline said...

The kitten is adorable, Sandy. I understand not needing another cat though. I am sure he'll find a good home.

I am glad the adoption event had such a good turn out. I was in the local Petco the other day and couldn't help but stop and look at the kittens they had visiting for possible adoption. It's always so hard not to bring one home. I don't think my two would be very happy with me though.

I hope you were able to get that peace you were hoping for, even if for just a little bit.

Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting Attachments this evening. :)

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

The kitten is seriously cute and yay for the annual Indiana trip! We'll have to meet up if it works with your schedule!

Ti said...

I saw the update on the kitty. So glad he got a home. If you had been closer to me I have a feeling he would have ended up at our house. I showed the Girl and she did the high squeaky thing that only girls her age can do.

No summer school? I am so jealous.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Oh my gosh, kitten! I'm in love.

You are reading a bunch of great books now. I loved Pilgrim's Wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the cutest cat in the room :)
I'm loving the audio fo Discovery of Witches right now.