Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Salon: Transitions

 Hey, here we are, another Sunday in front of us.  We are falling back with our time, which is never a bad thing.  This was the first week when my son had NOTHING GOING ON (except homework) and it was wonderful.  My daughter on the other hand is still running Cross Country.  Her team placed in the top five teams for Regionals this weekend, which means they are going to States.  Which means another week of practices, and a trip to Tallahassee in the near future.  Once everyone is free and clear of extracurriculars, I think we may be visiting the Angel of Death, Andre, in the evenings for some "enjoyable, voluntary" workouts.  But that is at least a week away.

My husband was back in town, which was a nice change.  Hey, I'm happy to make dinner in exchange for another set of wheels to get the kids where they need to go.  And someone to make me a concoction when I have a bad day.

So, I didn't say much about it at the time but I wrote my last bloggy book review this past week.  From here on out, it is my plan to write informal bookish thoughts on Goodreads (which get pulled into Facebook).  I hope this works out but so far is giving me the freedom to spend the time I need with my family.  I love blogging, but requires a huge amount of time for NO money and little benefit.  I fully intend to visit blogs and stay in touch with those I love.  I'm just hoping this gives me the balance I've been looking for.

One horrible thing that happened this week was that a woman who was messing with her cell phone inadvertently swerved across a country road, and t-boned my father in his truck. Although both cars were totaled, everyone walked away, which was a miracle.  But it just reinforces how freaking INSANE IT IS TO DRIVE WHILE DISTRACTED BY A CELLPHONE.  Put it away people.  And if someone is trying to get in touch, pull over.  A blogger friend (who is no longer blogging today) lost her granddaughter in an automobile accident caused by a texter.  This is really serious stuff.  If this woman, her little boy, and my dad hadn't been in big safe vehicles, someone would have died.  So.

On the reading front, I finished "The Woman Upstairs" by Claire Massud on audio.  And I did not like it.  It had a jarring little ending, but I hated the protagonist and felt like she got what she deserved.  I shant be reading any more of her novels, thank you.  I now am about halfway through Kent Haruf's "Benediction" which is quiet but powerful stuff.

In print, I finished "Eleanor and Park" on the Kindle, and I AM IN LOVE WITH RAINBOW ROWELL.  What a perfect book.  So much that it is hard to move on.  Seriously, if you have not read any of her books, you need to.  I am now about halfway through "The Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes, a story about a time-traveling serial killer (YES!) that is really provocative.  I recently have received a Mo Hayder stand-alone novel in print and a whole mess of audios, all from the library, so I am really excited about the short-term reading future!

I have no idea what we are going to do today besides church.  My daughter has to work at the animal shelter from 9 to 3, so I will have to attend to that.  There is a Renaissance Festival going on, as well as some great movies out, but the boy has got the crud this weekend so we will see.  The great news is that neither of the kids has school on Monday, so we will be getting an extra day off.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, restful Sunday!



rhapsodyinbooks said...

That so infuriates me about the cell phone thing. Gaaaah! How awful! And how wonderful that you will still be here on Sundays! :--) And yes! Rainbow Rowell! :--)

Molly said...

I am so glad no one was seriously injured, Sandy! I do not understand what could be so fired up important that it can't wait until stopped and out of traffic.

I just recently read a review for Eleanor and Park which was just as glowing as this one. I definitely need to check out Rainbow Rowell (after NaNoWriMo)

Enjoy the upcoming week!

JoAnn said...

I'm with you on the cell phones... too much distraction on the roads! Your father is a lucky guy.

As to The Woman Upstairs, I had a feeling you wouldn't get on well with Nora. She wasn't a likable character at all,but I still loved the book.

So you're going to continue with Sunday Salon posts? That makes me happy :-)

Iliana said...

I hate it when people are talking/texting on phones while driving. There is no need for that! Sorry to hear about your dad's accident but glad he's ok.

Can't wait to hear more about this time traveling serial killer story!

Unknown said...

I somehow missed your 'retirement' announcement. I have to say that while I blog much less frequently since I 'retire' and became a part-time consultant, I'm enjoying it when I do. Just taking a much more relaxed attitude towards blogging was all I really needed to do.

Anna said...

So glad your father is okay! I'm sad to see you're pulling away from the blog, but believe me, I completely understand! Glad you're not disappearing completely. :)

Ana S. said...

"In love with Rainbow Rowell" is pretty much the theme for my reading year.

Eep, I'm so so glad everyone was okay! People can be so irresponsible.

Good luck finding that illusive balance, Sandy. And so stay in touch - we'd miss you too much otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I'm only one CD's worth into Fangirl, but am already loving it. Glad my library has Eleanor and Park, so I can read it soon.

And, boy, you really hated Woman Upstairs, didn't you? lol

Heidenkind said...

Isn't it crazy how people are so attached to their phones? You can people back and answer a text later! Unless you get in a car accident, of course. Glad to hear your dad walked away from that!

Are you planning on still writing Sunday Salons even if you're not writing reviews anymore, then?

Charlie (The Worm Hole) said...

A film I watched this weekend featured a phone call whilst driving scene, and it wasn't a chase scene or anything, just a leisurely drive. Sets a bad example.

Glad for your daughter, how exciting to get to the higher finals!

It sounds a good idea to limit reviews to elsewhere if you're struggling. And as you're still writing about the books you'll be able to move them here again if you wish in future.

Beth F said...

I guess I have to get on the Rainbow Rowell bandwagon. Glad you'll be around at least a little. :)))

Ti said...

We have a law in California that forbids you from using a cell phone while driving but people would rather get a ticket than stop. They do it all the time. Still.

Literary Feline said...

I am glad no one was seriously injured, Sandy. I see so many people using their cell phones while driving, and it really frustrates me. I saw a police officer using his cell phone while driving the other day, which floored me. It's against the law where I live, but it seems like no one enforces the law unless something bad happens--which, of course, is too late.

Enjoy your family time, Sandy!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about the crash, but I'm happy it didn't have a worse result and hope your post has reminded people about the danger of phones.

I'm also sorry to hear you didn't like The Woman Upstairs - I loved her angry ranting!

I keep hearing about Eleanor and Park - I'll have to get hold of a copy soon.

Have a wonderful week!

bermudaonion said...

Why, oh why, do people think they can play with their phone and drive?! Thank heavens your dad is okay.

I'm a Rainbow Rowell fan too!!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I recently bought copies of Eleanor and Park and Fangirl, but I haven't gotten to them yet. I'm sort of saving them for Thanksgiving, when I always want to read books that will make me happy from being wonderful.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Ok Eleanor and Park is so freaking good, glad you loved it too. The texting/talking while driving thing is just awful. I'm so glad your Dad is ok.

I get the backing off book blogging thing. It's a lot of work. I think you should do whatever works best for you!

Anonymous said...

I know the same blogging friend. I couldn't stop thinking of her family for weeks. Every time someone texts me that they are going to be late I give them a hard time when I see them if they've done it while driving. So irresponsible. I'm so glad that your father is ok!

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Thank goodness everyone was okay from that accident. Argh. Put the cell phone away!

I know what you mean about taking the time away from blogging. I'm only posting once a month and I feel much better about it all. No stress! Glad you'll be around for the weekly posts!