Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Salon: Whirlwind

 Whew!  November went like a flash didn't it?  I know one should savor every detail of life, but between you and me, I'm glad all that is done.  December is probably not going to get any less hectic, but who doesn't love Christmas?

This past week was a whirlwind.  So much of a whirlwind that I didn't even get to Andre's once, and that doesn't sit well with me.  My husband and I spent Thursday through Saturday in New York City, but before we left, I was running around like my hair was on fire.  I had to get my car fixed (after that lovely man backed into me a month or so ago), I did some Xmas shopping, finally cleaned my filthy house, got a hair cut, had an end-of-the-season banquet for my daughter's cross country team (she lettered her Freshman year!  Yay!), attended a mandatory dog training class for the animal shelter, spent about five hours on the phone trying to resolve Internet inconsistency, and was taking care of a child who was home sick for most of the week.  

Then there was New York!  My hubby had an event on Thursday night so I promptly got a one hour massage on my old legs then ordered room service, drank wine and read my book.  It was heavenly.  The hotel, however, charged $16 a day for Internet, so while I was hoping to get some posts written, it didn't happen.  This is a sign people.  ANYWAY.  On Friday I attended a meeting with my husband at the Plaza (which was jaw-dropping - the hotel, not the meeting) outlooks for the next year, dreary stuff like that.  Then, based on a high recommendation from Jill, we went to Eataly for lunch, a gargantuan Italian market that is so overstimulating to the senses I thought my head would explode.  And my stomach.  From there we walked over 3 miles (yes we had to work off that pasta) to see the Freedom Tower.  We hustled back and went to dinner at fancy Greek restaurant called Estiatorio Milos, then went to see "Rock of Ages" on Broadway.  Which made me wish I still had my mall hair.  This was MY MUSIC!!!  So much fun.  All these things by themselves would make a great post.  I just need to sit down and write them.  You see my issue, right?

On Saturday morning, we took a brisk walk through Central Park, had breakfast and headed to the airport.  Meanwhile, at home, my butt-kicking daughter ran her first Half Marathon in under two hours.  So proud of that girl.  My son was spirited off to the final middle school track meet, where he participated in four events despite the fact that he'd been sick all week.  The New York contingent landed back home in Orlando, ran home and took showers, then headed to my husband's company Xmas party.  By 11:00 last night I think we were all under the same roof again.

Today we have to divide and conquer.  My son has his end-of-the-season football party, which my husband is handling, and my daughter and I have to work a four hour dog adoption event at Petco.  I'm currently attempting to schedule in when I'm going to put up the Christmas tree...  

All kid sports are done until February, and I'm home now until Christmas, so even though 'tis the season to run and around and be busy, I hope I can nail down a routine of fitness again.  Not real sure about the reading and blogging. I'm slowly coming to the realization that the blog will need to be turned off for awhile.  I can't do it, can't keep up.  Maybe I'll just do Sunday updates in January.  But I have to get a grip.  Blogging is part of my blood at this point, so I'm not sure I could handle stopping forever.  And hey, it isn't just blogging that is suffering.  I haven't golfed in, like, two months or more.  And I've missed all my book club meetings for the last two months.  It is just the way my life is right now.

I did manage to finish "The Light Between Oceans" this week, and while it started out slow for me, I ended up really enjoying it.  I'm now reading a memoir/true crime novel called "Blood Beneath My Feet" about a Southern Death Investigator.  My audios are my lifeline.  I finished the latest Linda Castillo installment "Gone Missing" and am now listening to "Agent 6" by Tom Robb Smith.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday.  Definitely let me know if any of you are up to something fun, or if you are reading anything good!



bermudaonion said...

Does some of the New York walking make up for the lack of Andre? Didn't you go see another play too?

I don't know when I'll get the tree up either. Carl has gone to see his parents for a couple of days so I'll be selling beer in his place. Wish me luck!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Oh, I so want to see a picture of you with "mall hair"!!!

Ana S. said...

Your trip sounds wonderful and I've love to read more detailed posts about it, but I know just what you mean about actually getting around to writing them. You're right, December is always busy, but Christmas hectic-ness is generally fun :D

We will miss you when you take a break, but I completely understand needing to step back for a while.

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds awesome! Didn't you plan to see "Rebecca" also? Or was that supposed to be during a different trip, I can't remember. I haven't been to book club in a while either, work hasn't allowed me to attend. But the December meeting, I'll be there. I did pick the book after all! ;)

Elisabeth said...

While I totally inderstand your need to step back from blogging, you will be TERRIBLY missed!

Harvee said...

Can't imagine anything better than a trip to NYC!

Jenny said...

I love NYC!! Rock of Ages sounds great!

As for blogging breaks, I think they are important sometimes, clearly, LOL!

Carrie K. said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! How fun. :) I know what you mean about life getting in the way of reading and blogging, though I'm nowhere near as busy as you are. I only finished 6 books in November, about half of my normal, and my blogging is way down, too. I don't see that changing until we're on Christmas break from homeschooling in a couple weeks.

JoAnn said...

Eataly is almost too much, isn't it? What an amazing place... and just a few blocks from my daughter. They actually have a guided tour of the place on Wednesday mornings. I need to figure out a way to get there in the middle of the week.

Anonymous said...

Just chuck it all and go to Hawaii. :-D

Ti said...

The school my son goes to does not give out letters for any sport. It's weird. We are done too. Had he banquet last week, which I ended up leaving early for two reasons:

My son pissed me off majorly by being a complete turd.

My daughter had to go to rehearsal anyway, but I was still pissed.

Boys at this age, can be difficult.

EATALY??? I love the idea of it I'd be lost in there.

Rock of Ages sounds like pure fun

Unknown said...

As always your life is a whirlwind!!! The quick NYC trip sounds wonderful. I too would love to see you in Mall hair!
We promised Caitie to not decorate the tree until she is home...we can put up and light, but not the rest. She missed it last year.
I hope to make the Dec book club meeting, if nothing else to see all and splurge on some cheesecake!
We are just starting HS wrestling, but Nick is so excited it's fun to watch.
Enjoy your week!! I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars...loving so far.

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Good gracious, the massage followed by a hotel room of room service, wine and a book sound heavenly. That's part of the reason why I enjoy traveling for my job right now! I love those few hours when I don't have to catch up on emails and can just read my book.

Another crazy and busy week for you! I get exhausted for you! :)

Julie P. said...

I swear I sometimes want your life!

Jenners said...

Any chance you could post photos of yourself with mall hair? It would be a super easy post … right? Just saying!!

Your life is so full -- I'm sure you must love it at some level but I hope you get some moments of peace. And don't give up blogging forever -- just a little break. We need you!

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