Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Salon: An 8 Hour Read-a-thon

Happy Sunday Saloners and 24-hour Read-a-thoners! Today was the 2010 Fall Dewey Read-a-thon, a much- loved event that involves reading and blogging for a 24 hour period. I participated in this event, with my kids, for the first time last spring, and it was so much fun! My kids informed me that their schedules were not going to allow them to participate this time, but I felt I needed the time to get caught up and focus on completing some books in the stacks. Well, good intentions, and all of that.

My son had a critical football game today. A game, that if won, would clinch a slot in the playoffs. Well success was had! I love this sport. You have to love a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds going for the jugular and beating the crap out of each other. Thus is the religion of the south. That all being said, I was only able to dedicate about 8 hours to the read-a-thon today. I didn't even register my name officially in the event, but I did sit and read for a long time today...longer than an average Saturday. And I didn't turn on the computer once.

How did the reading go? Overall the week was pretty productive, considering. I believe I contracted some flu symptoms from the flu shot (you can't convince me otherwise) and Thursday through Saturday was spent with body aches and a headache - seriously screwed up my golf game. Despite feeling like dog poo, I got into a nest of good reading though and I couldn't put any of it aside no matter what the pains.

I finished the audio "Ravens" and found it very entertaining. I then started on my first official read for my Heathrow Literary Society - "Last Night in Twisted River" by John Irving. I am about halfway through the 20 discs and I am officially sucked into the epic tale.

From a print perspective, I finished "The Financial Lives of the Poets" and was refreshed by the wit and the cleverness. How to review a book like this??? some form of it will be coming Tuesday! Then I read "My Only Sunshine" by Lou Dischler, an Okra pick from SIBA, which represented everything awesome about southern literature. Today in a handful of hours, I started and completed "The Human Bobby" by Gabe Rotter. This was a book that I was told to read RIGHT NOW. So I did. And it blew my mind. Hello? I read it in the middle of a busy day! That tells you something! I also have started Michael Knight's "The Typist", another Okra pick, and should have that finished soon.

Praise Jesus, the kids and I finally finished "Mockingjay". I believe this audio will prove to be the biggest disappointment of the year. Everything about the book seemed rushed and just outright lame. Blah. We have since started "White Cat", and while my daughter has proclaimed her dislike of Jesse Eisenberg as a narrator, we will forge ahead.

So, with sore joints and head, there will be no staying up all night for me. I am off to bed. Did you participate in the read-a-thon? How did you do?


Alyce said...

I liked The Financial Lives of the Poets too, and have been trying to figure out how exactly to review it. It was different but fun.

Molly said...

I'm so sorry you haven't felt well - but glad that it did not keep you from participating in the read-athon.

I did not formally register either, although I did read a bit more today than I have lately.

Hope you get to feeling well soon!

gautami tripathy said...

go girl go
more, more, more
read in bed, chair or floor!

Alice said...

Holy smokes! You've been very, very busy! You've even started reading THE TYPIST. I'm panicking, Sandy. You're too good. Too fast. I want to quit my job and start burying myself in my books. Now.

Unknown said...

I have been tempted by several reviews of The Human Bobby. My library doesn't own a copy, but I'm increasingly becoming tempted to buy one. I think your review might tip the scales.

Hope you feel better next week.

Unknown said...

I can't quite commit to 24 hours, but I could do 8. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day to me. Congrats and the football win.

Melody said...

I've a great time reading all those read-a-thon updates! It's a pity that I couldn't participate... too exhausting with 2 kids running around the house!

Hope you're feeling much better now!

Trisha said...

I am so with you on Mockingjay. Actually the further I get away from reading it, the more I don't like it.

Feel better!

Unknown said...

You read & listened quite a bit this week, Sandy and they all sound good! I'm very interested in The Financial Lives of the Poets & anxious to read your thoughts on Twisted River. I wondered about The Human Bobby, something about the summary didn't sit well with me, but sounds like I'm wrong.

Congratulations to your son and his team!
I hope you are feeling better. I've been under the weather, too, and it's not fun!

~ Amy

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I'm so glad you all finally finished Mockingjay! That was one long haul! :--) Looking forward to reading your review of The Human Bobby!

Zibilee said...

The Financial Lives of the Poets was just such a great book, and I am so glad that you loved it! I am also pretty excited about reading The Human Bobby after hearing Kathy rave about it, so I hope to get to it soon. Very cool about your son winning the game! That rocks so hardcore, and you must be so proud of him. Tonight we are heading out to the Enzian to see Never Let Me Go, which is only showing this weekend. We just found out about it last night, and had to hustle to rearrange plans. Have you read the book? I hope you have a great week!

Jenners said...

No readathon for me ... but it sounds like you got quite a lot read in your 8 hours.

Whoooppeee for the playoffs! That must be exciting to watch.

And I believe you can get sick from the flu shot. Hope that clears up soon!

Jenny said...

Ooh looking forward to your review of The Human Bobby... I've had that for a while and haven't gotten around to picking it up yet.

I loved Financial Lives of the Poets! Look forward to your thoughts on that too!

Anonymous said...

There have been a lot of "blah" reactions to Mockingjay, so many that I'm starting to doubt if I even need to start reading the trilogy..

Kathleen said...

Congratulations on your son's team making the play offs! Sounds like you had a busy but productive week. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I got the flu shot today and am hoping I don't get any symptoms from it.